v26-4 Colvin House Landmark to Get New Owner and a Fix-up

Vol. XXVI No. 4 - WINTER 2015

The Colvin House Landmark mansion, at 5940 N. Sheridan Rd., may see a new owner very soon who proposes to use the existing structure as a “coworking” space for small businesses, artists, etc. Angela Valavanis, who owns Creative Coworking in Evanston, has a contract to purchase the mansion, contingent on getting B-1 rezoning that will allow low intensity business functions. She is working closely with the office of Alderman Osterman (48th) to expedite the zoning change so she can purchase the building and begin urgent repairs before the coldest winter weather sets in; and she has been in regular contact with the Landmark Commission to assure compliance with the building’s integrity and protected elements. She plans to divide the spaces in the building, so that it could eventually be returned to its original function as a private residence. On November 21, the EHS board unanimously supported the zoning change and the efforts to make building a “community resource,” including space for local artists’ exhibits.