v25-2 News from Old Edgewater

Vol. XXV No. 2 - SUMMER 2014

In honor of our late, unlamented Chicago winter, we offer the following item from the North Shore Suburban (February 18, 1899):

“A number of Edgewater young men took a tour of Lake Michigan last Sunday afternoon. They visited the crib [editors note: A crib refers to a water intake building, apparently near the Edgewater shoreline] and there found about a hundred others, some on skates, some bicycles and others walking. A game of shinny was part of the Sunday’s enjoyment, also the cutting of their names on the crib. On returning home, some of the North Edgewater young men found they were on a float and could not land at North Edgewater as water divided them from the shore. They walked south and landed at Edgewater.”

Editors note: The section of Edgewater north of Thorndale was called North Edgewater or sometimes North End. Because of this name, then the original Edgewater from Foster to Thorndale was called Edgewater.