v25-2 Meet Your Docent

Vol. XXV No. 2 - SUMMER 2014

Karen Minturn moved to Edgewater from a semi-rural area of “upstate” NY with no sidewalks and no “passersby.” Caring for her granddaughter is her hobby and the reason she moved here almost four years ago. The neighborliness of Edgewater is special to her since it seems to combine a spacious cityscape with the convenience of nearby restaurants and shops, not to mention the charming garden setting of many of its residential streets.. Karen has lived here for several years and she continues to explore the community of Edgewater with her young granddaughter, first in a stroller and now ambling through the neighborhood, which gives them both particular pleasure.

Karen became involved with Edgewater Historical Society because of the dedication and consistency of its membership as well as the foresight and planning for the preservation of the area’s history. Since volunteering as a docent, she has enjoyed meeting interesting people and learning more about Chicago. Why does she volunteer? Karen recognizes the importance of her gift of time to our all volunteer organization. In her words, “Otherwise there wouldn’t be an EHS!” Karen’s other “spare time” activities include cinema, reading and community gardening.