v25-2 Edgewater Teaser #23

Vol. XXV No. 2 - SUMMER 2014

In our last newsletter, we asked: What was the first land in Edgewater to be subdivided and what was the last?

Answer: The first was the Henry Town subdivision bordered on the north by the south side of Peterson, on the east by the west side of Clark, on the south by the north side of Cemetery Drive, and on the west by the Chicago and North Western (now Union Pacific) railroad tracks. It was recorded June 12, 1855 (over a full 30 years before Cochran’s first subdivision and about six months after the first train ran between Chicago and Waukegan). However, it remained just lines on a map – nothing or almost nothing happened. (However, a few houses were built on Thorndale before 1887, but exactly when we do not know.) Henry Town was later re-subdivided by several different developers beginning in 1875 and extending through 1891.

The last area to be subdivided was bounded on the north by the south side of Elmdale, on the east by the west side of Greenview, on the south by the north side of Ridge, and on the west by the east side of Clark. It was the last land of Nicholas Kransz’s farm and the section of his farm on which his house was located. It was recorded September 1922. All the land south of Thorndale is now given over to park land or recreational use, with the exception of two buildings on the south side of the street.

Interestingly, the first and last lands to be subdivided intersected at a point on Clark Street.

Teaser #24

The former, and long vacant, Piser Funeral home at 5206 N. Broadway is being demolished to make way for a strip shopping mall (as we go to press). What were the previous uses of the building before it was used as a funeral home? And what of the other buildings on the site – what business were there before?