v25-2 Celebrate our Living Treasures

Vol. XXV No. 2 - SUMMER 2014

Edgewater Living Treasures are residents or former residents of Edgewater who have made a difference, some in a profound, fundamental manner, and others in a small but significant action. They have generously served and inspired others by fostering genuine change. Their deeds were not driven by personal gain, but to help the people of the community- whether generating beauty, promoting harmony, helping the less fortunate or encouraging grass roots activity. Living Treasures have helped create public spaces and organizations and they have imparted values which both celebrate diversity and build community.

In 2014 EHS added four new Living Treasures to this distinguished group. Their accomplishments are as diverse as Edgewater. Please congratulate these Living Treasures and thank them for their efforts to make the community of Edgewater the wonderful place it is today.

Diane Aitken directed the Edgewater Singers from a small group of friends performing in each other’s homes to over 30 members producing free concerts of varied musical styles throughout the community for over twenty years. She was also active on the Griffin Theater Board for many years.

Arloa Sutter created Breakthrough Urban Ministries, an innovative program caring for the poor in Edgewater. Her project started at the First Free Church at Ashland and Berwyn.

Marge Britton worked tirelessly to improve the community. She fought against vote fraud and adult stores in neighborhoods and worked for fair housing. She helped found the Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council in 1969 and encouraged the formation of other block clubs in Edgewater.

Tracy Van Duinen is best known for designing and producing the bricolage murals under the Lakeshore Drive underpasses at Foster and Bryn Mawr. This included working with various groups in the Edgewater community including After School Matters high school students who worked in the summer to install each of the three projects.

Each of these Living Treasures in his or her own unique way contributed to the wonderful community that is Edgewater. Diane, Arloa, Marge and Tracy, congratulations on your accomplishments!