v25-2 The Brennan Effect on Edgewater

Vol. XXV No. 2 - SUMMER 2014

By: LeRoy Blommaert

The numbering system that Brennan proposed and was later adopted affected Edgewater too. Before it went into effect , the north south streets in Edgewater had different numbers beginning at Foster (now 5200 north). For Magnolia, Lakewood, Wayne, Broadway, and Kenmore they began in the 2300s. Sheridan and Glenwood (Southport then) began in the 2100s and Ashland and Paulina began in the 3000s. However, the other north-south streets each had a different beginning number: Winthrop began in the 500s, Ravenswood began in the 1700s, Greenview in the 2600s, Hermitage in the 3300s, and Clark in the 3500s.

The east-west streets represented a similar picture; however, then the numbers began in the west (sometimes outside of Edgewater) and increased as one proceeded east – just the opposite of today’s system where they increase as one proceeds west.

At one time there were three streets named Edgewater: Edgewater, Edgewater Place and Edgewater Terrace. To avoid confusion, Edgewater Place was renamed Highland, and Edgewater Terrace was renamed Gregory. Granville was originally named Grand but was changed to avoid confusion with that other street named Grand. Victoria east of Wayne was originally named Victor by the Cairnduff the developer, but to avoid streets having more than one name, it was renamed Victoria to be the same name as the street to the west.