Stop the Presses - Case Dismissed! (Past)

Great News!

The Scrapbook was literally on its way to the printers when we heard from our lawyers that the lawsuit against the Edgewater Historical Society and four board members had been dismissed.

We are terribly grateful to the firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP for representing us in this case over the past years, and to the firm Neal & Leroy, LLC, which represented us in the first phase. Their assistance was essential and invaluable. We are also deeply indebted to the four board members who were defendants in this case: LeRoy Blommaert, Thom Greene, Kathy Gemperle and Betty Mayian. They unnecessarily endured untold financial worries, wasted time and extra expense over these last few years for having exercised their right of free speech in support of preservation and the Edgewater Historical Society. We cannot thank them enough for what they have endured.

We will report more about the case in later issues; we also have an obligation to consider the implications of this case for preservation efforts, first amendment rights and, generally, about the implied threat to community organizations. But for now, we want to enjoy the good news. Thanks also to our members and those in the community who lent their support and kind words to EHS during this difficult period.

Bob Remer