NLCC: Programs and Events

The following spreadsheet of events and exhibits sponsored by NLCC was compiled by Jake Rogers from paper documents in the NLCC archives.  There is no assurance that the list is complete, and we know for the last years in particular that the list is not complete.

Type Source Description Possible
09/30/87 W 09/30/87 W Luncheon Program NLCC Informational Luncheon  
??/??/88   ??/??/88   Exhibit Flyer Reflections on Heritage: Explorations on Community  
06/05/88 F 06/05/88 F Salute Program Honoring Ron Berger, community leader and philantrophist  
09/25/88 Su 09/25/88 Su Open House Flyer NLCC Open House  
10/16/88 Su 10/16/88 Su Poetry Reading Catalog The Sound of Poetry  
10/23/88 Su 10/23/88 Su Concert Catalog The Oriana Singers (Chamber Music for Voice)  
10/30/88 Su 10/30/88 Su Poetry & Music Catalog From Corinth to Chicago: A Journey in Poetry and Music by Marianthe Karanikas and Carla Schmakel  
11/06/88 Su 11/06/88 Su Musical Narritive Catalog The Inheritors: A Musical Narrative by Brian Anderson  
11/13/88 Su 11/13/88 Su Lecture/Discussion Catalog Frank Lloyd Wright-An American Origional-Lecture by Lyman Shepard  
02/05/89 Su 02/05/89 Su Lecture/Performance Catalog S. Frances Dolan, "All That Jazz-From Joplin to Gershwin"  
02/19/89 Su 02/19/89 Su Play Catalog Chanticleer Opera Theatre, "The Telephone" and "The Cooper"  
02/25/89 Sa 03/25/89 Sa Exhibit Calander Survivors of Torture, A Textile Exhibit  
02/26/89 Su 02/26/89 Su Performance Catalog Karen Hoyer, "Performance in Mime"  
03/05/89 Su 03/05/89 Su Lecture/Discussion Catalog Mary Criffin, "Food, Glorious Food-Great Literary Dishes from Beowulf to Virginia Woolf"  
03/09/89 Su 03/09/89 Su Performance Flyer The Pegasus Players in "Anyone Can Whistle"  
04/01/89 Sa 04/30/89 Sa Exhibit Catalog Images of Solitude: Lost and Found Places Etchings by Jan Johnson  
04/02/89 Su 04/02/89 Su Slide Lecture Catalog Catherine Kenney, "The Mysterious Dorothy L. Sayers"  
05/06/89 Sa 06/03/89 Sa Exhibit Calander Chinese Folk Art  
05/07/89 Su 05/07/89 F Concert Calander Music of the Middle Ages and Renaisance  
05/14/89 Su 05/14/89 F Concert Calander Edgewater Singers "Seasons of Life in Concert"  
05/28/89 Su 05/28/89 Su Poetry Reading Calander Julie Parson "Night in a Strange City"  
06/04/89 Su 06/04/89 Su Performance Calander Lois-Eve Anderson "Roadway Rambling Across Our Century"  
06/11/89 Su 06/11/89 Su Concert Calander Catherine Hall Traditional Folk Songs and Tunes  
06/18/89 Su 06/18/89 Su Play Calander Unrealistic Theatre Company  
06/25/89 Th 06/25/89 Th Fundraiser Postcard Art auction and extravaganza at Willow Street Carnival  
07/08/89 Sa 08/09/89 W Exhibit Calander Mixed Media by Yun Gee Park  
08/19/89 F 09/16/89 Su Exhibit Calander Ghost Dance of the Emperors  
09/14/89 Th 19/18/89 W Exhibit Flyer Faces, Forms, and Figures: An Exhibit of Figurative Work  
10/20/89 F 10/22/89 Su Show and Sale Documents Antique Show and Sale  
10/21/89 Sa 11/18/89 Sa Exhibit Calander What Sparks My Imagination?  
11/05/89 Su 11/05/89 Su Slide Lecture Program Trip to the Far East  
11/25/89 Sa 12/09/89 Sa Exhibit Flyer "Positive Fire" by Malangatana Ngwenya  
02/09/90 F 03/09/90 F Exhibit Flyer The Recent Paintings and Drawings of Jeff Whipple  
02/11/90 Su 02/11/90 Su Performance Calander "The Inheritors"  
04/27/90 F 05/18/90 F Exhibit Flyer "The Apartment Series: Alienation and Isolation of People With AIDS" by Joe Bussell  
06/16/90 Tu 07/14/90 Sa Exhibit Flyer Patricia Search "Computter Generated Art"  
06/25/90 M 08/10/90 F Exhibit Flyer "Art in the Park"  
07/20/90 F 08/15/90 W Exhibit Flyer "Inter-heritage"  
08/18/90 Sa 09/13/90 Th Exhibit Flyer "Neglected Beauty" by Dorothy Vagnieres & Lynnda Pardoe-Testa  
09/14/90 F 09/16/90 Su Antique Show Program 2nd Annual Antique Show and Sale  
09/14/90 M 10/19/90 F Exhibit Calander Couples  
09/22/90 F 10/19/90 F Exhibit Flyer Perceptions: Perspectives on Age  
10/25/90 M 10/25/90 M Concert Flyer Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra String Ensemble  
10/26/90 Tu 10/29/90 F Opera Flyer 2 preformances of La Serva Padrona  
10/26/90 F 11/30/90 F Exhibit Flyer Mexican-American Prints  
10/27/90 Sa 11/23/90 F Exhibit Flyer Granada: A Theater Remembered  
11/15/90 Th 11/15/90 Th Concert Flyer Sandy Moore and Friends, accompanied by Don Marquis  
11/22/90 Th 11/22/90 Th Concert Flyer Gershwin Trio  
12/01/90 Sa 01/11/91 F Exhibit Flyer Mexican-American Woodcuts, Linocuts, and Drawings by Rene Arceo  
12/13/90 Th 12/13/90 Th Concert Flyer Danza Tedesca and Don Pribor perform Dvorak’s Piano Quintet  
01/18/91 F 02/22/90 F Exhibit Calander The State of Native American Art in Chicago  
01/24/91 Th 01/24/91 Th Performance Calander Two one Act-Plays: "I’m Herbert" & "Mr. Foot"  
01/26/91 Sa 03/01/91 F Exhibit Flyer Tempered Impulse  
01/31/91 Th 01/31/91 Th Performance Calander Chanson de Piaf, sung by Carolyn Bowes, Howand Sanderford, Piano  
02/07/91 Su 02/07/91 Su Reading Flyer Ann Hemenway  
03/01/91 F 03/29/91 F Exhibit Calander Destruction of the Granada Theater  
03/09/91 Sa 04/12/91 F Exhibit Flyer Figuration Large & Small  
04/05/91 F 05/03/91 F Exhibit Calander Self-Perception  
04/20/91 Sa 05/24/91 F Exhibit Flyer Symbolic Language  
04/26/91 Su 04/26/91 Su Reading Flyer John Starrs  
05/10/91 F 06/07/91 F Exhibit Calander The Water Show  
06/01/91 Sa 07/05/91 F Exhibit Flyer Consumerism and the Body  
06/21/91 F 07/19/91 F Exhibit Calander Critic’s Choice  
06/24/91   08/02/91   Event Flyer 1991 Children’s Summer Camp "Art in the Park"  
07/13/91 Sa 08/30/91 F Exhibit Press Release School of the Art Institute  
08/11/91 Su 08/11/91 Su Dinner & Entertainment Flyer Pasta Party in the Park  
09/13/91 F 10/04/91 F Exhibit Calander Catharsis  
09/14/91 Sa 10/18/91 F Exhibit Catalog Faces, Forms, and Figures: Chicago Artists’ Figurative Work  
09/29/91 Su 09/29/91 Su Slide/Discussion Catalog Developing Creativity in Children  
10/06/91 Su 10/06/91 Su Culture Program Catalog Come to India  
10/26/91 Sa 11/16/91 Sa Exhibit Catalog Edgewater Landscapes: Historic Photographs of Edgewater  
10/27/91 Su 10/27/91 Su Slide Lecture Flyer Women in Art  
11/03/91 Su 11/03/91 Su Lecture/Discussion Flyer He Who Laughs – Lasts  
11/10/91 Su 11/10/91 Su Concert Flyer Piano Recital by Lili Simon  
11/23/91 Sa 11/24/91 Su Sale Flyer Holiday Festival of Gifts  
12/05/91 Sa 01/04/92 Sa Exhibit Flyer International Peace & Harmony  
12/07/91 Sa 01/04/92 Sa Exhibit Flyer Salon Show  
02/02/92 Th 02/28/92 F Exhibit Flyer Love Makes the World Go Round  
02/22/92 Sa 02/22/92 Sa Party Invitation Second Annual Member’s Party  
03/01/92 Su 03/01/92 Su Discussion Flyer An Evening with Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln  
03/07/92 Su 03/07/92 Su Reading Flyer John Schultz  
03/08/92 Sa 03/27/92 F Exhibit Flyer Exhibit by the Chicago Academy of Art  
03/15/92 Su 03/15/92 Su Concert Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
03/21/92 Sa 03/21/92 Sa Performance Flyer The Revolutionary Mrs. Adams  
03/29/92 Sa 03/29/92 Sa Reading Flyer John Schultz, And No One Died  
04/05/92 Su 04/05/92 Su Concert Flyer Michael Thorn Group  
04/11/92 Sa 05/30/92 Sa Exhibit Flyer "Light and Dark: Contrasts in City Life"  
04/29/92 W 04/29/92 W Concert Flyer Mostly Jewish Music performed by The Children’s Chorus of Rosenwald School  
05/03/92 Su 05/03/92 Su Performance Flyer A Concert of Words: A Mosaic of Poetry and Flute  
05/10/92 Su 05/10/92 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
05/24/92 Su 05/24/92 Su Concert Flyer Songs for Spring: Laurie Sucher and Faina Farbman  
05/31/92 Su 05/31/92 Su Reading Flyer Shawn Schiflett  
06/07/92 Su 06/28/92 Su Exhibit Flyer "Pictorial Coverup" Wearable Art by area artists  
06/07/92 Su 06/07/92 Su Concert Flyer A Family of Music: A Piano Recital by Eve and Rafi Bratman  
06/13/92 Sa 06/13/92 Su Workshop Flyer Wearable Art Family Workshop  
06/22/92 Su 06/22/92 Su Reading Flyer Jackie Murphy  
07/05/92 Su 07/26/92 Su Exhibit Flyer Sounds of Art: A Show Combing Music & The Visual Arts  
07/05/92 Su 07/26/92 Su Reading Flyer Anne Schultz  
07/07/92 Tu 07/07/92 Su Performance Flyer Awadagin Pratt  
07/14/92 Tu 07/14/92 Tu Performance Flyer Guitarist Vladimir Zilberfayn  
07/19/92 Su 07/19/92 Su Performance Flyer The Michael Thorn Trio  
07/21/92 Tu 07/21/92 Tu Performance Flyer The Lawrence House Variety Show  
07/25/92 Sa 07/25/92 Sa Reading Flyer Larry Heinemann reads from Cooler by the Lake  
07/26/92 Su 07/26/92 Su Play Flyer Equity Theatre Chicago presents Love’s Labor’s Lost  
08/30/92 Su 08/30/92 Su Perforamance Flyer Sweet Adeline’s International Women’s Barbershop Chorus  
09/05/92 Sa 10/30/92 F Exhibit Flyer "A Woman’s Journey"  
09/12/92 Sa 09/12/92 Sa Festival Flyer Moonlight of the Middle Autumn  
10/09/92 F 10/09/92 F Performance Flyer Michael Becker and Paul Cienniwa  
10/16/92 F 10/31/92 Sa Exhibit Flyer Discover Native America  
10/25/92 Su 10/25/92 Su Performance Flyer Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra String Ensemble  
11/08/92 Su 11/08/92 Su Open House Invitation Open House  
11/08/92 Su 11/28/92   Exhibit Flyer Masters as Motif: Artists’ Work Inspired by Art History  
11/23/92 Sa 11/24/92 Sa Sale Flyer Holiday Festival of Gifts  
12/11/92 Su 12/11/92 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
01/02/93 Su 01/02/93 Su Festival Flyer Intercultural Peace & Harmony Fest  
01/08/93 F 01/29/93 F Exhibit Flyer Salon Show  
01/10/93 Su 01/10/93 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
01/13/93 Su 01/13/92 Su Concert Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
01/24/93 Sa 01/24/92 Su Celebration Flyer Black Heritage Month Celebration  
01/24/93 Su 01/24/93 Su Performance Flyer Two One Act Plays  
01/31/93 Su 01/31/93 Su Performance Flyer Chanson de Piaf  
02/05/93 F 03/09/93 Tu Exhibit Postcard Landscapes, Real and Imagined  
02/08/93 M       Flyer African Peoples Institute  
02/14/93 Su 02/14/92 Su Concert Flyer A Special Valentine! Romantic Piano performed by Juanita Saldariaga-Ruiz  
02/16/93 Su 02/16/93 Su Reading Flyer Marvin Tate  
02/21/93 Su 02/21/93 Su Performance Flyer Gunsmoke: A Radio Recreation  
02/27/93 Sa 02/27/93 Sa Party Invitation Members’ Night Party and Membership Drive  
02/28/93 Su 02/28/93 Su Performance Program Tom Stevens, Pianist  
03/06/93 Sa 03/06/93 Sa Concert Flyer Evening Recital, Cathy Carg, Robert Pherigo  
03/07/93 Su 03/07/93 Su Reading Flyer John Schultz  
03/14/93 Su 03/14/92 Su Perforamance Flyer Juanita Saldariaga-Ruiz, "A Romantic Valentine"  
03/14/93 Su 03/14/93 Su Concert Flyer Gershwin Trio with guest artist Melanie Tomasz  
03/28/93 Su 03/28/93 Su Perforamance Flyer The Three Musical Personalities of Chopin  
03/29/93 Su 03/29/93 Su Reading Flyer John Schultz  
03/19/93 Tu 04/16/93 Tu Exhibit Flyer Ritual, Meeting, and the Spirit  
03/21/93 Su 03/21/93 Su Play Flyer "The Revolutionary Mrs. Adams"  
03/28/93 Su 03/28/93 Su Concert Flyer "The Three Musical Personalities of Chopin"  
04/03/93 Su 04/03/93 Su Reading Flyer Andrew Allegretti  
04/16/93 F 04/18/93 Sa Sale Flyer Antique Sale  
04/24/93 Sa 04/24/93 Sa Performance Flyer Gunsmoke: A Radio Recreation  
04/24/93 Sa 06/17/93 Th Exhibit Flyer "Arts" by Rachael Kelly & Brooke  
04/25/93 Su 04/25/93 Su Performance Flyer Danza Tedesca String Ensemble with Don Pribor  
04/30/93 F 04/30/93 F Performance Flyer Jazz Night at the Mansion  
05/01/93 Sa 06/08/93 Tu Exhibit Flyer DestinAsian  
05/02/93 Su 05/02/93 Su Reading Flyer Eric Charles May  
05/09/93 Su 05/09/93 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
05/22/93 Sa 05/22/93 Sa Performance Program "Conceptually Cole: Songs of Stage and Screen"  
05/23/93 Su 05/23/93 Su Performance Program Paul Bowman, Guitar  
06/06/93 Su 06/06/93 Su Reading Flyer Judith Cooper  
06/13/93 Sa 07/31/93 Sa Exhibit Postcard Two Cultures: Three Generations  
06/20/93 Su 06/20/93 Su Performance Flyer "The Seven Ages of Man"  
06/26/93 Sa 06/27/93 Su Art Show Flyer Art in the Park by the Lakeside  
07/09/93 F 07/09/93 F Performance Flyer "Up With a Twist" Jazz Duo  
07/11/93 Su 07/11/93 Su Performance Flyer Anthony Ranieri, Piano  
07/17/93 Sa 08/28/93 Sa Workshop Flyer Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting  
07/18/93 Su 07/18/93 Su Performance Flyer The Edgewater Singers: A Musical Potpouri  
07/24/93 Sa 07/25/93 Su Performance Program A Weekend with the Bard  
08/01/93 Su 08/01/93 Su Reading Calander Carolyn Kelley Williams  
08/06/93 F 08/27/93 F Exhibit Flyer Local Landscapes  
08/08/93 Su 08/08/93 Su Performance Flyer John Wachala, Flute & Kelly Jones, Piano  
08/14/93 Su 08/14/93 Su Performance Flyer "The Shock of Recognition" and "I’m Herbert"  
08/22/93 Su 08/22/93 Su Performance Flyer The Chicago Cossacks perform Ukrainian Folk Music  
09/10/93 F 09/10/93 F Concert/Raffle Flyer Jazz Night at the Mansion with Michael Thorn Trio  
09/12/93 Su 09/12/93 Su Performance Flyer Andrew Schultze, Bass-Baritone and Louis Playford, Piano  
09/12/93 Su 10/05/93 Tu Exhibit Mailer The Scope of Landscape: Urban and Rural  
09/26/93 Su 09/26/93 Su Performance Flyer Dawn Marie Hirsch, Flute and Don Pribor, Piano  
10/03/93 Su 10/03/93 Su Reading Flyer Ed Eusebio  
10/04/93 Su 10/04/93 Su Reading Flyer David Hernandez  
10/07/93 Su 10/07/93 Su Concert Flyer Ars Musica Recital  
10/10/93 Su 10/10/93 Su Performance Flyer Enrique Alberto Arias Piano  
10/26/93 Su 10/26/93 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
11/13/93 Sa 11/13/93 Sa Discussion Flyer Civic Conversations: "The Idea of Chicago"  
10/15/93 F 11/18/93 Th Exhibit Flyer Faces and Masks  
10/17/93 Su 10/17/93 Su Performance Flyer War of the Worlds A Radio Recreation  
10/22/93 F 10/22/93 F Reading Flyer David Hernandez  
10/24/93 Su 10/24/93 Su Performance Flyer Opera in the Afternoon  
10/24/93 Su 10/24/93 Su Performance Flyer Richard Knapp, Baritone  
10/31/93 Su 10/31/93 Su Concert Flyer Susan Nigro, Contrabassoon Recital, Marc Lindeblad, Piano  
11/05/93 Su 11/05/93 Su Reading Flyer John Schultz  
11/06/93   11/06/93   Performance Flyer Chamber Blues  
11/07/93 Su 11/07/93 Su Reading Flyer Polly Mills  
11/14/93 Su 11/14/93 Su Performance Flyer Flamenco Guitar and Dance  
11/27/93 Sa 11/28/93 Su Sale Flyer Holiday Festival of Gifts  
12/04/93 Sa 12/30/93 Th Exhibit Flyer If the World Could Give A Gift  
12/05/93 Su 12/30/93 Th Exhibit Flyer Reflections: Imagine That  
12/06/93 Su 12/06/93 Su Reading Flyer Zoe Keithley  
12/12/93 Su 12/12/93 Su Performance Flyer Ars Musica Chicago "Holidays Around the World and Through the Ages"  
12/19/93 Su 12/19/93 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
01/07/94 F 02/04/94 F Exhibit Program Salon Show 1994  
01/09/94 Su 01/09/94 Su Performance Flyer Country & Western Line Dancing with Bernie Small ft. "Stampede"  
01/23/94 Su 01/23/94 Su Performance Flyer Suzanne Scherr accompanied by Erique Alberto Arias  
01/30/94 Su 01/30/94 Su Performance Flyer "In The Deep Heart’s Core" A Mystic Cabaret  
02/06/94 Su 02/06/94 Su Reading Calander Marvin Tate  
02/13/94 Su 02/13/94 Su Concert Calander A Romantic Valentine Concert, Juanita Saldarriga  
02/18/94 F 04/15/94   Exhibit Calander Ancient Influences  
02/19/94 Sa 02/19/94 Sa Concert Calander    
02/26/94 Sa 02/26/94 Sa Party Calander Annual Members Night Party & Silent Auction  
02/27/94 Su 02/27/94 Su Concert Calander African-American Heritage Concert, "A Recital in Black  
03/06/94 Su 03/06/94 Su Reading Calander Patricia McNair-Lewis  
03/12/94 Sa 03/12/94 Sa Concert Calander 20th Century Music Ensemble  
03/13/94 Su 03/13/94 Su Concert Calander The Gershwin Trio  
03/16/94 W 03/16/94 W Concert Calander Raimundas Katilius and Leonid Dorfman  
03/27/94 Su 03/27/94 Su Concert Calander Piano Duet Concert  
04/10/94 Su 04/10/94 Su Performance Flyer Billy & Edith: Music of Billie Holiday & Edith Piaf  
04/24/94 Su 04/24/94 Su Concert Calander Terrance Gray, Violin and Juanita Saldarriga, Piano  
05/01/94 Su 05/01/94 Su Reading Calander Margaret Lewis  
05/06/94 F 05/29/94 Su Exhibit Flyer Common Ground: Re-Visioned  
05/08/94 Su 05/08/94 Su Concert/Brunch Calander Baroque Brunch in honor of Mother’s Day  
05/13/94 F 06/24/94 F Exhibit Calander DestinAsian Facing Forward: Portraits of Asian America  
05/22/94 Su 05/22/94 Su Concert Calander Chicago Cossacks  
06/05/94 Su     Reading Flyer Doris Hunt Jorden  
06/05/94 Su 06/05/94 Su Reading Calander Chris Burke  
06/12/94 Su 06/12/94 Su Concert Calander The Gershwin Trio  
06/26/94 Sa 06/26/94 Sa Concert Calander Concorde Brass Ensemble  
06/30/94 Th 06/30/94 Th Concert Calander Cosi fan tutte  
07/10/94   07/10/94   Concert Flyer Classical and Flamenco Music ft. Guitarist Jim Perri  
07/23/94 Sa 07/23/94 Sa Concert Flyer Music in Renaissance Culture—Ars Musica Chicago  
07/23/94 Sa 07/24/94 Su Festival Flyer A Renaissance Festival Weekend  
09/11/94 Su 09/11/94 Su Concert Flyer Mark Valenti, Pianist  
09/18/94 Su 09/18/94 Su Open House/Concert Flyer Open House and Pimpinone  
09/25/94 Su 09/25/94 Su Concert Flyer The Spectrum Trio  
09/30/94 F 11/11/94 F Exhibit Calander Seasonal Tranitions  
10/02/94 Su 10/02/94 Su Reading Calander Anne Schultz  
10/09/94 Su 10/09/94 Su Concert Calander Ars Musica Chicago  
10/30/94 Su 10/30/94 Su Concert Calander Anthony Ranieri, Piano  
11/06/94 Su 11/06/94 Su Reading Calander Shawn Shiflett  
11/08/94 Tu 11/08/94 Tu Performance Flyer Dr. Enrique Alberto Arias, Piano  
11/13/94 Su 11/13/94 Su Concert Calander Art Song Recital: German Leider  
11/19/94 Sa 11/20/94 Su Sale Flyer Holiday Festival of Gifts  
12/04/94 Su 12/04/94 Su Reading Calander Phyllis Eisenstein  
12/07/94 Su 12/07/94 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
12/11/94 Th 12/11/94 Th Perforamance Calander The Gershwin Trio  
01/15/95 Su 01/15/95 Su Performance Calander The Gershwin Trio  
01/17/95 Tu 01/31/95 Tu Workshop Flyer Creative Business and Marketing Techniques for Artists  
01/27/95 F 03/31/95 F Exhibit Flyer 1995 Annual Salon Show  
01/29/95 Su 01/29/95 Su Performance Calander Opera Etc.  
01/29/95 Su 01/29/95 Su Performance Program American Music Recital  
02/05/95 Su 02/05/95 Su Reading Flyer Chris Burks  
02/12/95 Su 02/12/95 Su Performance Flyer Love and Music: Lord Haye’s Masque  
02/19/95 Su 02/19/95 Su Performance Program A Solo Trombone Recital, ft. Sara Mauk & Mark Lindeblad  
02/26/95 Su 02/26/95 Su Performance Program The Gershwin Trio  
03/05/95 Su 03/05/95 Su Reading Flyer Tammie Bob  
03/12/95 Su 03/12/95 Su Performance Flyer The Adams Duo  
03/17/95 F 03/17/95 F Cabaret Flyer St. Patrick’s Day Cabaret  
03/26/95 Su 03/26/95 Su Performance Flyer Evelyn Coulson & Evelyn Malouf Binz, Pianists  
04/02/95 Su 04/02/95 Su Reading Flyer Reginald Gibbons  
04/07/95 F 05/12/95 F Exhibit Flyer Edgewater Rogers Park: Then and Now  
04/09/95 Su 04/09/95 Su Performance Program The Gershwin Trio  
04/22/95 Sa 04/22/95 Sa Party Invitation Member’s Night Party  
04/23/95 Su 04/23/95 Su Performance Calander Ars Musica Chicago  
04/30/95 Su 04/30/95 Su Performance Flyer Ars Musica Chicago – A French Chanson Soiree  
05/07/95 Su 05/07/95 Su Reading Calander Robert Kohler  
05/14/95 Su 05/14/95 Su Concert Calander Mother’s Day Brunch and Concert  
05/20/95 Sa 06/17/95 Sa Exhibit Flyer Inner & Outer Space: A Mixed Media Exhibit  
05/28/95 Su 05/28/95 Su Performance Flyer Mark Valenti, Pianist  
06/04/95 Su 06/04/95 Su Reading Calander Quarish Ali  
06/30/95 F 08/04/95 F Exhibit Flyer Hands On Clay  
07/22/95 Sa 07/23/95 Su Fair Program Renaissance Faire Then & Now – 1995  
08/11/95 F 09/12/95 Tu Exhibit Flyer Controversy  
08/19/95 Sa 08/19/95 Sa Event Flyer A Day to Create  
08/26/95 Sa 08/26/95 Sa Event Flyer A Day to Create  
09/29/95 F 11/04/95 Sa Exhibit Flyer Wood. Fiber & Clay: Inner revelations expressed through the tactile.  
10/08/95 Su 10/08/95 Su Performance Program Ars Musica Chicago in The Home-made Opera and The Coffee Cantata  
10/22/95 Su 10/22/95 Su Performance Flyer Primal Connection Latin-Carribean-Urban Rythms  
10/29/95 Su 10/29/95 Su Performance Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
11/11/95 Sa 11/12/95 Su Play Paperwork Love, Intrigue and Pizza: A Weekend of Comic Opera  
12/03/95 Su 12/03/95 Su Reading Flyer Betty Shiflett  
12/10/95 Su 12/10/95 Su Perforamance Flyer A Renaissance Christmas at North Lakeside Cultural Center  
01/26/96 F 03/01/96 F Exhibit Flyer Salon Show 1996  
01/28/96 Su 01/28/96 Su Performance Calander Fiesta Flamenco  
02/04/96 Su 02/04/96 Su Presentation and Discussion Flyer Beijing Revisited: A First Hand Report  
02/04/96 Su 02/04/96 Su Reading Calander Deborah Cummins  
02/04/96 Su 03/10/12 Su Exhibit Calander Beijing Revisited  
02/18/96 Su 02/18/96 Su Perforamance Calander Mark Valenti, Pianist  
02/25/96 Su 02/25/96 Su Perforamance Calander The Gershwin Trio  
03/03/96 Su 03/03/96 Su Reading Flyer Don de Grazia  
03/17/96 Su 03/17/96 Su Perforamance Flyer St. Patrick’s Day Cabaret  
03/22/96 F 05/05/96 Su Exhibit Calander Pieces of Eight  
03/24/96 Su 03/24/96 Su Perforamance Flyer Melodrama of Ars Musica  
04/14/96 Su 04/14/96 Su Reading Flyer Norman Ruiz  
04/21/96 Su 04/21/96 Su Concert Flyer The Gershwin Trio  
04/28/96 Su 04/28/96 Su Perforamance Calander Four Hands/One Piano  
05/05/96 Su 05/05/96 Su Reading Flyer Alexis Pride  
05/10/96 F 06/28/96 F Exhibit Calander Mood and Message: Student Work from Five High Schools  
05/19/96 Su 05/19/96 Su Concert Flyer Songs of Spain and Latin America  
05/26/96 Su 05/26/96 Su Performance Flyer Medea, a melodramatic interpritation of Euripides  
06/02/96 Su 06/02/96 Su Reading Calander Etta Worthington  
06/16/96 Su 06/16/96 Su Performance Calander An Afternoon of Jazz with Reggie Robitson  
06/23/96 Su 06/23/96 Su Concert Flyer Music by the Lake  
07/12/96 F     Exhibit Flyer Process in Art/Art in Process  
07/27/96 Sa 07/27/96 Sa Reception Flyer Artists of Rogers Park, Rogers Park Artists’ Coalition and Friends  
09/20/96 F 09/20/96 F Fundraiser Invitation Year of the Arts Fundraiser  
09/28/96 Sa 09/29/96 Su Festival Flyer North Lakeside Art Festival  
12/06/96 F     Exhibit Flyer Just Open Your Eyes: The 1996-97 Reflections Competition Student District & State Winners Exhibition  
12/12/96 Th 12/12/96 Th Party Flyer Winter Wonderland Festival of the Arts…A Night to Create  
11/01/96 F 11/01/96 F Performance Flyer The Chicago Sketch Club  
11/23/96 Sa 11/24/96 Su Sale Flyer 5th Annual Holiday Festival of Gifts  
03/03/97 Su 03/03/97 Su Readiung Flyer Don de Grazia  
03/27/97 Sa 03/27/97 Sa Reading Flyer Sally Colford Bennett  
04/18/97 Sa 04/18/97 Sa Workshop Flyer Messages of Dreams  
04/19/97 Su 04/19/97 Su Concert Flyer Ars Musica: Songs of Spring  
05/04/97 Su 05/04/97 Su Reading Flyer Zoe Keithley  
05/09/97 F 06/12/97 Th Exhibit Flyer ArtWorks: An Exhibit for Chicago’s Art Teachers  
05/25/97 Su 05/25/97 Su Perforamance Program Night in Asia  
05/31/97 Sa 05/31/97 Sa Open House Flyer Open House and Pimp  
06/22/97 Su 06/22/97 Su Perforamance Flyer Ars Musica Chicago: East Meets West  
06/29/97 Su 06/29/97 Su Perforamance Flyer Wintereise by Schubert: Vocal Performance  
07/26/97 Sa 07/27/97 Su Festival Flyer 1997 North Lakeside Arts Festival  
10/19/97 Su 10/19/97 Su Performance Calander Mark Valenti, Piano Recital  
11/15/97 Su 11/15/97 Su Performance Flyer Soiree Musicale  
11/16/97 Su 11/16/97 Su Festival Flyer African Cultural Community celebration  
11/22/97 Sa 11/23/97 Su Sale Flyer Holiday Festival of Gifts  
12/06/97 Sa     Exhibit Calander PTA Children’s Art Show  
12/06/97 Su 12/06/97 Su Reading Flyer Zoe Keithley  
12/14/97 Su 12/14/97 Su Reading Flyer Patricia McNair-Lewis  
01/12/98 M 01/16/98 F Class Flyer A Master Class with Corky Siegal  
02/19/98 Th 02/19/98 Th Lecture/Presentation Flyer Faces of Today  
03/08/98 Su 03/08/98 Su Performance Program Enrique Alberto Arias Piano  
03/15/98 Su 03/15/98 Su Reading Flyer Drew Ferguson  
04/19/98 Su 04/19/98 Su Performance Flyer Ars Musica, Songs of Spring  
04/22/98 W 04/22/98 W Performance Flyer Chicago Spring Ensemble, A Program of Light Classics  
04/24/98 F     Exhibit Program First View: An Exhibit of the Permanent Collection  
05/07/98 Th 05/07/98 W Performance Flyer Chicago Spring Ensemble, Cornelius Trio  
05/17/98 Su 05/17/98 Su Reading Flyer Eric May  
05/22/98 F 06/14/98 Su Play Flyer Here at the End of a Century (Journey Through a House)  
05/24/98 Su 05/24/98 Su Performance Flyer A.J. Wester with Matt Long, French and German Cabaret Music  
06/14/98 Su 06/14/98 Su Performance Flyer Jim Pearl in Recital  
06/26/98 F     Exhibit Flyer Earth Escapes Landscapes  
07/09/98 Th 07/09/98 Th Play Flyer Senior Spotlight  
07/19/98 Su 07/19/98 Su Performance Flyer Jazz Piano with David Drazin  
08/16/98 Su 08/16/98 Su Performance Flyer Concert Pianist Shirley Trissell  
09/04/98 F 09/29/98 Tu Exhibit Flyer Daily Weavings: Textile Art for Ordinary Lives  
09/11/98 F 09/11/98 F Performance Flyer Jazz Friday with David Drazin  
09/13/98 Su 09/13/98 Su Reading Flyer Nancy Beckett  
10/02/98 F 10/29/98 Th Exhibit Flyer The Door Opens: Ten Years at North Lakeside Cultural Center  
10/10/98 Su 10/10/98 Su Performance Flyer The Montag Ensemble  
10/11/98 Su 10/11/98 Su Concert Flyer Ars Musica Celebrates Hispanic Heritaqe  
10/18/98 Su 10/18/98 Su Performance Flyer Bus Stops: The Stories Behind the Broadway Bus  
10/23/98 F 10/23/98 F Festival Flyer Andersonville Celebrates the Arts III  
10/25/98 Su 10/25/98 Su Perforamance Flyer A Concert in Words  
11/02/98 M 11/22/98 Su Exhibit Flyer The Filipino Immigration Experience: Kindred Spirit-Waves Apart  
11/21/98 Su 11/21/98 Su Performance Flyer A Concert for Piano and Cello  
11/26/98 Th 11/26/98 Th Dinner Flyer Thanksgiving Dinner  
12/05/98 Sa 12/06/98 Su Exhibit Flyer Christmas Around the World  
01/24/99 Su 01/24/99 Su Perforamance Flyer Violin Concert with British Recitalist Droston Hall  
02/14/99 Su 02/14/99 Su Performance Program Enrique Alberto Arias, Piano  
02/21/99 Su 02/21/99 Su Festival Flyer Filipino American Historical Society of Chicago/Black History Month  
02/28/99 Su 02/28/99 Su Reading Flyer Randall Albers  
03/06/99 Sa 03/28/99 Su Play Flyer Strange Interlude  
04/25/99 Su 04/25/99 Su Reading Postcard Lydia Stux, reading from Imagine That: Letters from Russell  
05/02/99 Su 05/02/99 Su Perforamance Flyer Lisa Goethe-McGinn and Paul Bowman performing Contemporary Chamber Music  
05/07/99 F 05/21/99   Exhibit Flyer Celebrate Japanese Culture  
05/16/99 Su 05/16/99 Su Play Flyer Fefu and Her Fiends  
05/28/99 F 05/30/99 Su Play Flyer Two Shakespeare Plays: "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" and "As You Like It"  
06/03/99 Th ??   Exhibit Flyer Kayamanan (Treasures): An Exhibition of Filipino American Arts and Artists  
06/06/99 Su 06/06/99 Su Perforamance Flyer Pianist Mark Valenti  
06/09/99 W 06/09/99 W Exhibit Flyer Contemporary Self-Portraits  
06/20/99 Su 06/20/99 Su Perforamance Flyer Old Friends and New: An Afternoon of Music from Broadway Shows  
07/18/99 Su 07/18/99 Su Perforamance Flyer Concert Pianist Amy Dissanayke  
07/19/99 M 07/19/99 M Performance Calander Jazz Pianist David Drazin  
08/08/99 Su 08/08/99 Su Performance Flyer Author to Actor  
08/27/99 F 09/05/99 Su Play Flyer Crimes of the Heart  
09/10/99 F 09/24/99 F Exhibit Flyer The Spirit of Bosnia  
09/12/99 Su 09/12/99 Su Performance Flyer Andersonville String Quartet  
10/04/99 M 10/04/99 M Play Flyer Salt of the Earth: A Play by John Godber  
10/22/99 F 10/22/99 F Play Flyer "Vieux Carre" A Play by Tennessee Williams  
11/08/99 M 11/08/99 M Performance Flyer Dare to Breathe  
12/19/99 Su 12/19/99 Su Perforamance Flyer Angelus  
05/07/00 Su 05/07/00 Su Performance Flyer Around the World in Sixty Minutes  
04/27/00 Su 04/27/00 Su Concert Flyer Pianist Anatoliy Torchinskiy  
04/04/01 F 05/20/01 Su Play Flyer A Delicate Balance  
05/04/01 F 06/01/01 F Exhibit Flyer "Soul Food: A Photographic Exhibit with Recipies"  
05/26/01 Sa 05/27/01 Su Play Flyer Rip Van Winkle  
07/12/01 Th 08/18/01 Sa Play Flyer Moliere’s "The Misanthrope"  
08/23/02 F 09/23/02 M Exhibit Flyer    
10/10/02 Th 11/10/02 Su Performance Calander "The Scarecrow"  
10/26/02 Sa 10/31/02 Th Open House Calander Haunted Mansion  
10/18/02 F 11/15/02 F Perforamance Calander Jazz Supper Club  
12/01/02 Su 12/01/02 Su Dinner Calander A Feast of Madrigals  
12/26/02 Th 12/31/02 Tu Perforamance Calander Die Hedermaus (The Bat)  
03/02/03 Su 03/02/03 Su Perforamance Flyer Pianist Enrique Alberto Arias  
06/01/03 Su 06/01/03 Su Concert Flyer Pianist Mark Valenti  
06/20/03 F 07/20/03 Su Exhibit Flyer Father & Son Art Exhibit  
08/01/03 F 09/27/03 Su Play Calander "The Audition"  
08/15/03 F 09/30/03   Exhibit Calander The Gallery 37 Neighborhood Project  
09/21/03 Su 09/21/03 Su Dance Calander FlamincoFest!  
09/28/03 Su 09/28/03 Su Lecture Calander The Life and Art of Fida Khalo  
10/03/03 F 10/03/03 F Concert Calander Jazz Supper Club, ft. Mark Valenti  
10/10/03 F 10/31/03 F Performance Art Calander Lakeside Mansion of Doom II-Hell’s Gallery  
10/12/03 Su 10/12/03 Su Concert Calander Folk Songs of the Great Lakes Region  
11/06/03 Th 12/07/03 Su Exhibit Calander Land and Lake  
11/07/03 F 11/07/03 F Concert Calander Jazz Supper Club ft. Five After 5  
11/08/03 Sa 12/21/03 Sa Play Calander "Natural Affection"  
11/09/03 Su 11/09/03 Su Concert Calander Soprano Terri Meerkov  
11/14/03 F 12/21/03 Su Performance Calander William Inge’s "Natural Affection"  
12/05/03 F 12/05/03 F Concert Calander Jazz Supper Club ft. Martez Rucker Group  
2003   2003   Play Flyer The Audition  
02/13/04 Sa 04/04/04 Su Play Calander "A Delicate Balance"  
02/27/04 F 03/31/04 W Exhibit Calander Nature In The City  
04/14/04 W 05/25/04 Tu Exhibit Calander Soft  
04/23/04 F 05/09/04 Su Play Calander "In the Garden of Live Flowers"  
04/24/04 Sa 05/29/04 Tu Exhibit Calander Five: Glass Exhibit with five artists  
06/03/04 Th 07/15/04 Th Exhibit Calander Student Show  
06/18/04 F 07/31/04 Sa Play Calander "The Audition—The Musical!"  
07/29/04 Th 08/30/04 M Exhibit Calander Art in the Park  
09/16/04 Th 10/29/04 W Exhibit Calander The World Is Watching  
11/04/04 Th 12/31/04 F Exhibit Calander Faculty Art Show  
01/13/05 Th 02/28/05 M Exhibit Calander Black History Exhibit  
03/25/05 F 04/30/05 Su Exhibit Calander PTA Reflections Exhibit  
05/05/05 Th 06/30/05 Th Exhibit Calander Portraits: The Person Within  
07/21/05 Th 08/31/05 W Exhibit Calander Art in the Park II  
04/12/07 Th 05/28/07 M Exhibit Postcard Cut and Paste  
10/13/07 W 11/04/07 Su Perforamance Postcard Horror Academy  
10/12/?? Su 10/12/?? Su Other Flyer Haunted Lakes: Songs and Supernatural Legends of the Great Lakes 1989,1995, 2000, 2006
5/8/?? Su 5/8/?? Su Other Flyer Day to Create 1993, 1999
2/16/?? Th     Exhibit Flyer Mixed Palette: Expressions of African American Artists 1989, 1995, 2006
9/15/??   10/15/??   Exhibit Flyer HOMES: Houses of Memories and Expectations Any
10/4/?? M 10/4/?? M Play Flyer Salt of the Earth 1993, 1999, 2004
11/2/??       Exhibit Flyer Artists of Rogers Park II After 7/1996
5/17/?? Sa 6/28/?? Sa Workshop Flyer How to Unleash Your Creativity 1989, 1995, 2000, 2006
6/9/?? M 06/20/?? F Camp Flyer Musical Theatre Day Camp 1997, 2003
5/7/?? Su 5/7/?? Su Reading Flyer Bob Koehler 1989, 1995
??       Performance Flyer Dress Rehersal Showing of Chamber Blues Any
1/29/??       Exhibit Flyer Inner Culture Any
??       Concert Flyer Ars Musical Chicago Presents: A Christmas Concert Any
6/30/?? Su 6/30/?? Su Concert Flyer Jazz in June: Marshall Vente—Project 9 1990, 2001
??   ??   Exhibit Program Ritual, Meaning, and the Spirit Any
7/1/??   8/2/??   Exhibit Flyer Artists Speakout Any
6/30/?? Sa 7/1/?? Su Play Flyer Midsummer Night’s Dream 1995, 2000, 2006
7/9/??   9/5/??   Play Flyer Ancestral Voices Any
10/21/??   11/20/??   Play Program "A Long Day’s Journey Into Night" Any
4/10/?? M 4/10/?? M Performance Flyer Equity Library Theatre Chicago presents A Benefit Performance 1995, 2000
4/18/?? Su 4/18/?? Su Performance Flyer To Honor and Remember… 1993, 1999
11/28/??   11/29/??   Sale Flyer Holiday Festival of Gifts 1992, 1998
3/14/?? Sa     Performance Flyer Bob Gibson 1992, 1998
9/10/??   10/10/??   Play Poster "The Sum of Her Parts" Any
10/12/??   10/12/??   Exhibit Postcard Landscape II Any
8/27/?? F 9/5/?? Su Play Flyer Crimes of the Heart 1993, 1999, 2004
1/29??   ??   Exhibit Flyer Inner Culture: An Exhibit Honoring African-American Artistry 1998, 1999