J. Lewis Cochran, Edgewater

Note: This article first appeared in Chicago Real Estate magazine, May 1921, pages 7-8.

J. Lewis Cochran, Edgewater

A Community With Character Back of It

John Lewis Cochran in 1921For biography of the kind which we must often see in the periodicals of the day we do not much care; but for biography that comes to us through a record of achievement due to the forethought and enterprise of some young man there is nothing that is more inspiring. For biography is without doubt the most profitable of all studies for men who have to learn and work. The biographies of men with whom we have been associated even remotely should interest us and bring us to a realization of the merits of others. We are all conscious of the defects of our friends; in fact. too conscious, but are we duly appreciative of their worth? If we are not the more we know about them the better; seeing what worth-while men they are inspires us to higher aims and ambitions. [more...]

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