Cars and trucks

Vol. XXIV No. 4 - WINTER 2013

The Summer and Fall exhibit will look at how cars, trucks and motorcycles transformed Edgewater in the early 20th century. It will look at the growth of the automobile and “car culture” in the United States after 1920, with an eye to Edgewater. Auto shows, underground garages and street parking; it was all new and exciting and changed our community. Here’s a list of what we are looking for:

  1. Photos of cars, trucks or motorcycles in Edgewater, especially prior to 1940;
  2. Advertisements or ephemera from automobile manufacturers or dealers along Broadway, or service stations in Edgewater, especially prior to 1950;
  3. Anything related to the North Broadway Dealer’s Association, or the Edgewater Beach Hotel’s Chicago Motor Club chapter;
  4. Any driving or automotive accessories from prior to 1950, such as driving gloves, goggles, caps, coats or detachable headlights.

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