Exhibit planning

Vol. XXIV No. 4 - WINTER 2013

By: Kathy Gemperle

Many of our exhibits grow out of our contacts in the community and donations to our archives. The next exhibit will be titled Gems from Our Collections. It will include some of the artifacts that are in storage in the second floor of the museum. Each item will have a little history with it. The exhibit will begin the first week of January and continue though till the end of June.

Next will be an exciting exhibit exploring the changes that have occurred in Edgewater with the coming of the car and truck. Tiffany Middleton who has just written a book, “The Clydesdale Motor Truck Company: An Illustrated History, 1917-1939” will be the curator. If you are interested in helping, go to the website and send in a contact form. We are looking for photos of delivery trucks and auto showrooms. There were several on Broadway. Perhaps you’ve noted the rehab of the Studebaker building which will open as an LA Fitness. We are happy to see the step they took to preserve the Studebaker logo at the top of the building.

Looking ahead we are interested in an exhibit of the Edgewater Landmarks. There are a number in the community designated as landmarks and we’re thinking that many Edgewater Residents are not aware of them.

Another project that could use some help is focused on fashion in historic photos. What we would like is photos prior to 1960 of people in special clothing and the real dress or hat or knickers that we would put on a manikin or display on the wall. This may not be easy to do but we will give it a try. If you have an older dress that perhaps your grandmother wore with a photo of her in it let us know. We have several manikins for dresses, not so much for the male attire. Perhaps someone has a fedora and a photo of their Dad in it. We are beginning the search now in hopes to have this together by next year at this time.

The exhibits at the museum are small and easy to see in under a half hour. We have tried to develop some children’s activities to go with them. Some of the research can be done at home as the internet is full of information. Contact us via our website and tell us what you are interested in.