25th Annual Home Tour

Vol. XXIV No. 4 - WINTER 2013

By: Tiffany Middleton

The wonderful home owners who participated in Edgewater Glen made this tour one to remember. The types of home ranged from the home of Nicholas Kransz Jr. (1907) to some earlier homes on Glenlake and even a Neils Buck home on Norwood. There were some Foursquares as well. The walk covered just four blocks and so gave a picture of the development of Edgewater Glen in the late 19th and early 20th century era. Preparation for the tour included taking photos in the spring before the trees leaf out. Jonas Middleton stepped up to the task and we were well prepared for producing the home tour booklet.

The day of the Home Tour, it rained. And rained. Jonas Middleton reported to his assigned home with his planned talk, and I proceeded to walk the entire tour, stopping at each home. Not encountering any issues among the homes or docents on the tour, I visited the registration area. Everything was going swimmingly, and no one needed anything. I spent most of the Home Tour this way, looking for crises that never materialized. Is this what Kathy needed someone to do? I know if something would have come up, I would have managed. But Kathy planned a perfect tour that ran without a single hiccup, other than the rain. The docents reported to homes, customers were satisfied, and in the end, the rain remained a minor nuisance, but didn’t drown (it did dampen!) the Home Tour.

Jonas and I look forward to helping with the next Home Tour again next year. Hopefully you’re looking forward to taking the tour, as our work, no matter what shape it takes, is only worthwhile when we can share it.