Some Interesting Facts about Senn High School

Vol. XXIV No. 3 - FALL 2013

–from the 1930 Green Book

Senn students eating in the cafeteria, consume 7 bushels of potatoes, 20 gallons of ice cream, and 1500 sandwiches a day.

The lunchroom has 15,000 dishes and 5,000 pieces of silverware.

There are 1,587 stairs, 9,300 panes of glass, and about 1½ miles of blackboards.

Senn has a larger library room and greater attendance in the library than any other school

The Green Book was the first high school handbook published in Chicago.

The Senn News was the first high school paper in the United States to be copyrighted.

Senn has the highest smokestack of any public school in Chicago

The inside running track is 100 yards in length.

The dimensions of the building are, length 420 ft, width, 273 feet, height, 115 ft.

It should be noted that these facts are as of 1930, before the two wings were added and also when enrollment was much greater than it is today.