Teaser #19

Vol. XXIV No. 2 - SUMMER 2013

In the last newsletter we asked: Where was the only land in Edgewater that was never subdivided?

Answer: The only Edgewater land not to be subdivided is the land east of what is now Sheridan road between Foster and Bryn Mawr. It is the only land east of Broadway that John L. Cochran’s syndicate did not buy. It is best known as being the site of the Saddle & Cycle Club, the former Edgewater Beach Hotel, and the Edgewater Beach Apartments. Why Cochran did not buy the land, we do not know. Perhaps he made an offer and that offer was refused. Perhaps too, he wasn’t that interested.

Teaser #20

What famous Englishman visited Edgewater’s Hotel Sovereign and the Saddle & Cycle Club?