Edgewater Living Treasures Exhibit

Vol. XXIV No. 2 - SUMMER 2013

May 4th to December 31

The Edgewater Living Treasures Exhibit celebrates the unsung heroes of Edgewater- the people who have made a difference, some in a profound, fundamental way, and others with a small but significant gesture that affects the health of the community as a whole.

Their actions were not driven for personal gain, but to help the people of Edgewater in some way- whether creating beauty, fostering harmony, helping the less fortunate. They saw a need, a something that should be done; they would not be satisfied until that goal was accomplished. Some call it a good deed, some call it a mitzvah, and some just call it help. But these heroes would probably say it was just the right thing to do.

Edgewater is a special place to live. Without the efforts of our Living Treasures, Edgewater might have fallen into the same types of discord and confrontation that has happened over the past 50 years in other parts of Chicago. But it didn’t happen here. We celebrate diversity and at the same time unity in a unique corner of Chicago.

This is our Edgewater, a community that embraces diversity and community pride, one that learns and adapts to current situations, but also has a heritage of tolerance and hope for the future.

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