6018 N. Kenmore Update

Vol. XXIII No. 3 - Fall 2012

The elegant home at 6018 N. Kenmore is now owned by Tricia Van Eck and her husband, who used it to create a special art exhibit called “Home: Public or Private?” This is the home that was the source of the three year long lawsuit against the EHS efforts to save it.

It was open for tours, and some of the our Board members went to have a look at the home. It has sustained a lot of interior damage because of burst pipes. Without walls on the first floor, we could see the basic bones of the once elegant mansion. Because it had been changed into three units, the alterations were also visible. Each room was used by an artist to tell a story. It should come as no surprise that the new owner worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and sees art as an experience rather than a beautiful object.

There are plans to reinvent the interior of the home and create it as an art center. The new owners have a lot of work ahead of them. You can contact this not-for-profit group at www.6018north.net