Edgewater Teaser

Vol. XXIII No. 3 - Fall 2012

Teaser #17

In the last newsletter we advised that the home at 1245 Early was the home of two different alderman: Alfred and George Williston. We teased that there is another Edgewater house that was the home of two different aldermen and asked where is it?

Answer: The house is at the northwest corner of Balmoral and Wayne with an address of 5400 Wayne. It was first the home of Alderman Allen Freeman, Republican alderman (1947-1959). [Yes, there was such a thing once upon a time in Chicago.] Allen Freeman became Republican committeeman (1956-1975) and later a Cook County judge. He died in June 2008 at the age of 92. The house became the home of Alderman Mary Ann Smith, Democrat (1989-2011).

Teaser #18

The father of what internationally famous person, born in Edgewater, once ran for Alderman of the 49th ward? What was his name and how well did he do?