Edgewater Teaser #16

Vol. XXIII No. 1 - SPRING 2012

By: LeRoy Blommaert

In the last issue, we reported that on May 16, 2011, Edgewater resident Harry Osterman was sworn in as alderman of the 48th Ward and that he followed his mother, Kathy Osterman (1987 to 1989) to that position. We asked: What other Edgewater resident followed one of his parents as alderman?

Answer: George A. Williston, 49th Ward alderman (1930-1935), followed his father Alfred D. Williston, 25th Ward alderman (1900-1908). The 49th Ward was the old 25th Ward in Edgewater.

While a number of people have followed their fathers to the office of alderman over the years, Harry Osterman is the first – and thus far only – person to follow his or her mother to that office. That’s because there haven’t been that many women aldermen. The first was Anna Langford, elected in 1971. Harry is also the first male to have been elected alderman of the 48th Ward since Dennis Block in 1975.