St. Gertrude's celebrates 100 years

Vol. XXIII No. 1 - SPRING 2012

A year long celebration of St. Gertrude’s 100th Anniversary. Activities began in November and will continue through this year. One activity of general interest is an All Years Gathering for the St. Gertrude School, now the North Side Catholic Academy, which is on May 19th at the gym. Tickets will be sold until May 5th. The church is decorated with banners and there are more activities planned.

In March, the annual play was a review of the history of the parish with St. Gertrude herself as a character, along with the saints of the north side parishes that make up the NCA. Imagine the challenge of playing St. Ignatius!

The article from LeRoy Blommaert shows how connected we all are. A chance visit to one place in Edgewater can lead to so many connections. Congratulations to St. Gertrude’s Parish for all the contributions over the years in Edgewater. We look forward to many more contributions and activities.