Meet Your Docent

Vol. XXIII No. 1 - SPRING 2012

SYLVIA LYNCH was a newcomer to the Edgewater community when Marie Morrissette, a long time advocate of EHS, took her under her wing. Sylvia admired Marie’s outreach to people and her community minded spirit. So, when Marie asked Sylvia if she would like to docent at the museum, Sylvia couldn’t help but say yes, especially since Sylvia has been involved in volunteer activities all her life. Her commitments have ranged from expanding educational opportunities for blind, low-income and immigrant people, to organizations furthering peace and justice. Silvia is 90 years old this year and has been an Edgewater resident since 1995. She enjoys swimming, yoga and tai chi.

Sylvia says, “Prosperity is an attitude. Share with others and you enlarge your own joy in life. People should try volunteering – they’ll find they like it.” While Sylvia believes in the importance of the individual, she feels that individual efforts enhance community life. And we’re grateful that Sylvia is part of the Edgewater family.