Specialty Stores on Clark Street

Vol. XXII No. 3 - WINTER 2011

According to the Historic District Application these locations had specialty stores beginning in the 1890s. Eventually stores moved, closed or consolidated to become larger stores.

5019 Isadore Hadden Meats
5033 Moreland Fruit Market
5046 Lakeview Quality markets
5049 International Fish Market
5116 Werner Herman Fruits
5125 Nelson’s Meat Market
North Shore Fruit Market
5133 Uptown Fruit Market
Edgewater Fish Market
5201 Randoph Fruit Market
5247 Schott Fish market
(later Wikstrom’s)
5250 Erickson’s Deli
5314 Central Produce Market
5333-37 B. Akerholm,
Lauer Bohmann Co. Meats
5351 Nelson’s Market
5422-26 Capital Fruit Market
5547 George Bosshart Meats
George Bosshart Meats
5556 Central Produce Markets
5555 Carl’s Meat market

Missing from this list is the Tip Top Meat market which was mentioned in an oral history recollection. We are sure there are more missing. If you can add to the list please go to our web site, www.edgewaterhistory.org and contact us.

In more recent times Erickson’s Deli and Edgewater Produce have offered specialties to Andersonville shoppers. These are current stores and so did not appear on the historic district application.

We continue to look for photos of these shops and would appreciate the opportunity to make a copy of anything you might have.