Upcoming Anniversaries

Vol. XXII No. 3 - WINTER 2011

The Edgewater Historical Society will celebrate 10 years in the museum in October 2012.

St. Gertrude Parish celebrates 100 years of service in Edgewater in 2012. They began with a celebration on Nov. 13th and they are looking for photos and artifacts.

Senn High School will celebrate 100 years in 2013 and there is a planning committee already working on the event that will be held at the Field Museum.

The North Lakeside Cultural Center has closed its doors after twenty five years of service to the community as a gathering place for the arts. The Center was housed in the Gunder Mansion, 6219 North Sheridan, in Berger Park that was saved from demolition thru the efforts of ECC under the leadership of Kathy Osterman. The Chicago Park District will take over the operation of the building. The Edgewater Historical Society is happy to receive the archives of this group.