We Are Not Alone

Vol. XXII No. 1 - SPRING 2011

By: LeRoy Blommaert

We may like to think that we are the only community to boast the Edgewater name, but alas, we are not. There are at least six towns that are called Edgewater: Edgewater, Alabama (pop. 730); Edgewater, Colorado (pop. 5,200); Edgewater, Florida (pop. 18,700); Edgewater, Maryland (pop. 34,250); Edgewater, New Jersey (pop. 9,600); and Edgewater Wisconsin (pop. 586). And at one time there was a Village of Edgewater on Staten Island. At least three other cities boast a community/neighborhood called Edgewater: they are Miami, Florida; Cleveland, Ohio; and Norfolk, Virginia.

In addition to neighborhoods and towns, various parks, resorts, schools, motels, hotels, inns, assisted living facilities, golf courses, farms and other businesses share the Edgewater name. There is even an Edgewater Casino (in Laughlin, Nevada). Every state has several things named Edgewater.

A Google search of “Edgewater” yields nearly 8 million hits. But still, there is no doubt that the Edgewater Beach Hotel – our Edgewater Beach Hotel – remains the best known of all the places that share the Edgewater name.