Meet Your Docent

Vol. XXI No. 3 - Winter 2010

MARIELUISE KAILING is one of our ablest and most enthusiastic docents. Many years ago, she and Kathy Gemperle, one of EHS’s founders, forged a friendship through their mutual participation in the Edgewater Singers. Marieluise has followed the expansion of EHS over time and, with a tiny bit of persuasion from Kathy, agreed to participate in the Home Tour and then, one year after EHS Museum opened, volunteered to be a docent.

In addition to a full time job and other volunteer efforts, Marieluise is a member of St. Ita’s choir and involved in the Wedgewood Society, an international arts group. With all this going on, why is it important for her to volunteer for EHS? “EHS is important because it serves as a resource for preserving the history and stories of the Edgewater neighborhood. I think it’s important to have a sense of the people who shaped the community, who have cared for these older buildings and homes and preserved them for future residents.”

As for the Museum, Marieluise has a strong belief that “you should not forget your history.” The Museum is a neighborhood resource for the community and the exhibits are informative and interesting, but the exhibit on the “L” was definitely her favorite.

Editor’s note: This is a new series in the Edgewater Scrapbook and more stories will follow. If you are interested in becoming a docent, please contact Dorothy Nygren through the web site at the address at the bottom of the page.