Edgewater Teaser

Vol. XXI No. 1 - SPRING 2010

In our last issue, we noted that grocer Christ Kamberos and his brother and uncle founded the Sure Save grocery chain in 1947 and that their first store was in Edgewater. We also noted that the Kamberos group went on to found the Treasure Island chain and that at one time Edgewater had a Treasure Island grocery store. We asked two questions: (1) Where was the Kamberos brothers’ first Sure Save grocery store? And (2) where was Edgewater’s Treasure Island grocery store?


The first Sure Save grocery store was on Bryn Mawr – 1055 to be exact. It was located in what has become known as the “old Walgreen’s store” that was recently rebuilt. That Little Mexican Café occupies the corner where Walgreen’s had its entrance. The Chase branch bank, LensCrafters, 7-Eleven and the Admiral at the Lake sales office share the 1055 Bryn Mawr address. (Congratulations to the person who sent in this answer. Unfortunately your letter has been misplaced. Contact us!

Edgewater’s first and only Treasure Island grocery store was located at 5245 N. Broadway.

It was open from at least April 5, 1973 until at least March 20, 1986.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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