The Versatile Vehicular Chair

Vol. XX No. 3 - FALL 2009

By: Sandee Remis

Since I was born in July, 1949, my parents may have bought this little beauty for me in the winter of 1950-51. Or perhaps it was the following year, when mom needed a hand free to care for her second baby. I’m not sure what exactly this type of “chair” was called but it was fun to ride.

Mom would buckle me in and wrap a blanket around me to guard against the winter chill. In the snow, my chair would nimbly move along on its runners like a sled, although it was pushed from behind rather than being pulled from the front. That provided me with an excellent unobstructed frontal view of the scenery, instead of having to watch some grown-ups rear end bob up and down. And if we hit a patch of sidewalk denuded of ice and snow – not a problem! Mom would simply reset the bottom of the sled to drop down the carriage wheels (summer mode) and off we’d go! I guess you could say it was a chair for all seasons.