From the President

Vol. XX No. 1 - SPRING 2009

By: Betty Mayian

This winter has been a very active one. We set up our 2009 calendar and then later added the date for our fundraiser for May 6th.

We made a commitment, among some of the directors, to go see our Chicagoland museums on an occasional basis. We go as a group and may get private tours, like we got at the Joliet Museum this January. What an operation they have – quite a lot of it sponsored by the City of Joliet. Downstairs is broken up into a Route 66 exhibit; tables and chairs for guests to stop and have a snack from the vending machines located nearby; and a third of it devoted to a well-stocked sales room. They sell everything related to their city and state including many books. We were told that this is one of their biggest fundraising areas.

Upstairs, they have an area completely dedicated to teaching history to children through art. If we had the space we could dedicate some to this type of project. What we do see, though, is working with the local schools and having classes come see our exhibits. Teachers could bring projects for the students to do, or we could supply some that relate to our current exhibits. We also have videos that relate to exhibits and the history of Edgewater. Students may also participate in our proposed “dig” this year. We hope to have this worked out and available for the next newsletter.

We can learn a lot from visiting these other museums and hope to do this again.

This last year was important for the increase in our Individual Lifetime memberships. We now have 11 Individual Lifetime Members. One positive thing to remember is that you don’t have to write checks anymore when the New Year rolls around; you won’t get renewal letters; you will always get notices about our events and programs; and also the wonderful Scrapbook Newsletters. The Individual Lifetime donation is $1000 – and it can be split between two consecutive years. We have a Family Lifetime of $1500, which can be split as well. Remember to ask for a matching grant form from your company.

This last year brought about the resignation of some valued board members who decided to leave the State, and in one case, the Country. Then, the good news of getting in some new board members gave us a real shot in the arm. With all we have to do, we can always use more. Ask about joining.

Thank you to Bob Remer for sparking the 2009 event calendar with the many programs about Lincoln that are being held by EHS this year. We attended a February 12th event, held by the Ravenswood/Lake View Historical Society, of a laying of a wreath at the statue of a beardless Lincoln on the corner of Lincoln, Western and Lawrence – in Lincoln Square! The politicians were there (Lisa Madigan and others). The host was Richard Bjorklund, Secretary of RLVHS. Representing EHS were Bob & Katie Remer and Ara & Betty Mayian. They held a breakfast at the Brauhaus Restaurant before the ceremony. The event contributed to our decision to hold a similar ceremony by our Lincoln statue in Senn Park, on the date of his death – April 15th at 10 a.m.

March 21st – Annual meeting and return presentation by Arnie Bernstein, author of “Hoofs & Guns of the Storm: Chicago’s Civil War Connections.” March 28th – Two programs: “Reading Lincoln Aloud” with community members reading from speeches made by Lincoln; and another speaking program – the old-time radio comedy programs presented by the “Those Were the Days Radio Players.”

Don’t forget to welcome in the springtime by coming to our 21st Annual Fundraiser on May 6th. Join us at the Broadway Cellars for fun, food, and drink; meet your neighbors; bring friends; make new ones; make reservations and send in your check so we know how much food to order. Ticket prices per person are $40 in advance or $45 at the door. Send checks – made out to EHS.

With all that 2009 holds for us, we are planning 2010 events and programs. We would like some input from our friends. So leave us a note; send an email; and make the Edgewater Historical Society your own.