Edgewater Condo Update - 2005

Vol. XIX No. 2 - SUMMER 2008

By: LeRoy Blommaert

In 2005, 28 condo declarations were filed representing 225 units; this compares to 25 declarations and 300 units in 2004. The number of declarations filed (but not the number of units) represented the highest number since 1979 and the second highest ever.

Of the 28 declarations, only three represented new construction; the remaining 25 represented conversions. The lowest number of units in any building was three (eight buildings) and the highest was 20 (four buildings). The median was six and the average was eight. Four condo conversions were on corners.

The Edgewater Triangle Neighborhood led the way with seven declarations. Sheridan Road and the following four neighborhoods did not have any declarations: Edgewater Beach, TAHBS, Lakewood Balmoral and the North East Triangle (NET).

Inclusion of the declarations for 2005 brings the total Edgewater condo declarations to 389 and the corresponding number of units to 10,072.

Further updates will be given as data becomes available.