Get the Picture

Vol. XVIII No. 4 - FALL/WINTER 2007

This year’s Andersonville Art Weekend was a special one at the Edgewater Historical Society Museum because of a wonderful connection that Candy Sullivan made with the Plein Air Painters group. Last summer, this group of painters, who paint out of doors, came to the Edgewater Andersonville area to paint. They painted a variety of scenes, views of Clark Street and of our lakeshore. Each of the artists had a unique style, so it was interesting to see some similar scenes painted with slightly different colors or from a different perspective.

When the exhibit opened, the artists displayed their best and the citizens of Edgewater flocked to see their community as a work of art. Many came to purchase the original oil paintings. Adding to the excitement were the artists who continued to paint outside where the public could watch the action. These paintings were not quick “impressions” but careful renditions of the subjects in full rich color. The exhibit continued for a few weeks and more were sold. The Plein Air Painters have an open invitation to return to our community for a second summer to capture the beauty of our historic streets and wonderful lakeshore.

Thanks to Candy Sullivan and Stephanie Weidner for their work in putting this exhibit together.