This Just In

Vol. XVIII No. 3 - FALL 2007

We have received the donation of a photo of the Maybelline Company employees standing in front of the building at Ridge and Clark in 1932. This donation by Judy Bianchi whose aunt Dorothy Molander worked there beginning in 1932 when she was 18 revealed a lot of information. Of course we would like more information, so we contacted Maybelline, which is now owned by L’Oreal of USA. Their account of the early history is limited. It starts with their beginnings in 1917 with the product Maybelline Cake Mascara which was initially sold by mail and only later in drug stores (after 1932). We have nothing on the 1920s. There is some product history for the 1950s.

In 1967, the company was sold to Plough, which was headquartered in Memphis. We believe that there should be more photos out there from the 1930s - 1960s. One person reported that Maybelline had a large sign on the building. We are hopeful that we may find some former employees or children of former employees who have photos or newsletter or any documents about the company. When we get more information we’ll print it. For now, if you recognize anyone in this photo or have reason to suspect that a relative is in the photo, contact us at History is always a mystery!