New at the Museum

Vol. XVIII No. 2 - SUMMER 2007

Recently the visits by many local school children from St. Gertrude’s, Trumbull and even St. Gregory High School have highlighted some older artifacts that these young people had never seen. Take the telephone. Although all people have phones many of these children have never seen a dial phone. Now we have one at the museum ready for any child to try out. Consider the typewriter. We older adults take this for granted just like we take for granted that there was a time when we had computers before the internet. But the real antique typewriters with movable keys that you can see are actually a mystery to our young people. They have lined up to try to type their names.

And most recently we have found a record player from the 1950s. It in a plastic case and we hoped it would work. The amplifier is broken, so we are on the lookout for another one that will play 45 RPM records. Now we’ve added a small piece of terra cotta for children to touch. Any ideas just call and leave a message at the museum. We never thought when we opened this museum that we would be looking for this type of artifact to fill in the gaps in our children’s experiences. Now we have it at our little museum. Stop by with the children and see our special children’s corner.