Edgewater Goes Cha Cha Cha

Vol. XVIII No. 2 - SUMMER 2007

The Annual Fundraiser for the Edgewater Historical Society Museum was held at That Little Mexican Café this year. What a great place to host a party! Proprietors Proferio and Hilary Valveras created a great space for the food in the center of the room and there was plenty of seating around the room in booths. The Silent Auction organized by Sam Fazio and Andy deFuniak drew all kinds of bidding and some bidding wars. Many people went home with their arms full or with valuable envelopes in their pockets.

We are happy to say that 95 people attended the party. At the front door greeting people was our President, Betty Mayian. She kept track of everything! Jere McCormick worked with her in planning the event and other board members pitched in. We were all glad to see Bob Remer has returned from his travels and many old and new friends were there to enjoy the event. Our favorite, Steven Solomon was there with his keyboard, and his friend, Amy Perez sang for part of the evening. Over in the bar area Salsa instruction was provided by Raquel Maldonado, with Lori Lynch and Jere getting into to the beat.

The Bryn Mawr quiz was just too difficult according to many who tried it. The best score was 11 by Thom Greene, second with 10 was John Kraeger and tied for third with 9 correct was Alice Casey and Marion Volini and Betty Jaci. Next years quiz may have to be written by someone other than Kathy Gemperle because her quizzes are just too hard. Perhaps she will do a prep session before the next test.

The funds raised at this event went to support the operation of the museum.