Edgewater's Attic

Vol. XVIII No. 1 - SPRING 2007

Since spring cleaning is just around the corner, we’ve been thinking of some of the historical finds that people have discovered in their attics. Some of them are important historically speaking and some of them are curiosities, unique objects that are not found everywhere. We would like to borrow some of these things for an exhibit, probably in late April. Besides your name and phone number, we need the location where you found it and, if it’s a curiosity, what it might be used for. We would also like your best guess at the age of the object. These things will be displayed at the museum and we will try to find additional information. For instance, right now we have on display an old waffle iron with a pretty flowered ceramic top. It is an electric appliance with one of those thick cords. It might be possible to date it by the design on the top. You may bring the object to the museum after March 18th, but don’t leave it without your name and phone number. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will treat these objects as a loan.