Edgewater Teaser

Vol. XVII No. 3 - FALL 2006

Our previous teaser (5) involved eight separate questions, all involving Edgewater condominiums. Here are the eight questions followed by their answers:

a) What was the first Edgewater building built as a condominium? Answer: The 32-unit low rise at 6121 Sheridan Road. The declaration was recorded April 10, 1964. It was also Edgewater’s first condo. Edgewater’s first high rise condo was the 151 unit Thorndale Beach at 5901 Sheridan. The declaration was recorded June 25, 1965. The Thorndale Beach was Edgewater’s second condo.

b) What was the first Edgewater building converted to condos from rental? Answer: The four-unit building at 1637 Glenlake. The declaration was recorded May 5, 1971.

c) What was the first condo conversion west of Sheridan? Answer: The same as (b) above.

d) What was the first building west of Sheridan built as a condo? Answer: The four unit building at 1253 W. Early. The declaration was filed December 14, 1998.

e) What Edgewater building has the greatest number of condo units? Answer: It isn’t even close. The building with the most condo units is the Park Tower at 5415 N. Sheridan, with 744 units. The runner up is Malibu East at 6033 Sheridan with 498 units.

f) What building type has been most converted to condos? Answer: The six-flat.

g) How many buildings have been built as condo’s and how many have been converted to condo? Answer: At the end of 2003, 15 had been built as condo, and 291 had been converted from rental.

h) And how many residential condo units does Edgewater have? Answer: At the end of 2003, Edgewater had 9,543 condo units. By the end of 2006, it is projected to have between 10,000 and 11,000.

(See article on “Condominiums in Edgewater,” Page 1)

New Teaser

(6) Where was the first home of the Edgewater Dairy?