From the President

Vol. XVI No. 3 - FALL 2005

By: Betty Mayian

Greetings, subscribers and members. Once again the passage of time is marked with the trees shedding their leaves and showing us another end of year. Our garden has been winterized and is getting more and more beautiful with each year that passes. This time of year we also think about our annual membership drive and point out the importance of rejoining us each and every year. Our dues are remaining the same for 2006 as this last year. Note the membership form within the newsletter. We are still the “Best Bargain in Edgewater.” No where else do you get the quality publications and website that we provide. No where else do you get the email updates with such regularity that you almost cannot forget one of our events! (p.s. send me your email addresses if you have not received any updates from us. Nowhere else are members and neighbors treated to such a plethora of programs and events that are free and offer refreshments free as well. Our costs for membership offer some of the lowest rates there are in Chicago. We are looking for increased numbers of volunteers ranks to fulfill our desires to have the museum open for more hours (via Sunday openings).

Our Collections committee meet most regularly. We hear the laughter when they are together passing items around. If you enjoy looking at photos and items from the past – and like to discuss your own history – then join this committee. Oral history is for those who enjoy interviewing others for the record. Fundraising is where the party planners go to schedule our own parties and events. Program is the committee that schedules the events and programs that bring in speakers, authors, art shows, classes, lectures, etc. into the museum where you may enjoy our free events. Property includes the fun Gardening committee workers where seasonal and regular meetings and planning are responsible for our successful Victorian Garden. Historic Sites can bring out the preservationist in you. Communications is just right for the writers, researchers and publishers in our ranks. Even Membership can be satisfying for those who are good at bringing in new people into the association. Special skills, such as photography, speaking, writing, computer expertise, etc., are much needed. Wherever you may fit into the mix, be assured that we will welcome you with open arms.

Our volunteers are so inspiring that we intend to throw them a summer party to be held in our Victorian Garden. This may become an annual event. Volunteers are our life blood. Please check the membership form (where we ask you to show your interest in these committees) or call me or email me and I will find a great fit for you.

We don’t want to forget to congratulate our founding President and current Vice President, Kathryn Gemperle. She has become a grandparent for the first time. Her daughter, Francine, gave birth to a son, Miles, on October 27th. Much happiness to all of them.

And lastly I want to wish you all the best of the Holiday Season. This season brings us memories we treasure. It is a time to reminisce – to look at old photo albums and bring up memories to share with your loved ones and, yes, to take new photos for future generations to treasure. This is what our Museum is all about – memories. We exhibit and catalog these photographic memories which will then be available for generations to come. They will be our records of how we lived in Edgewater throughout our history. This is why we ask for copies of photos of your family, business, and home in Edgewater. We are able to scan them at the museum. See what you can find this year while you are celebrating your own HAPPY NEW YEAR!