When the Snowbirds Kiss the Butterflies Goodbye

Vol. XVI No. 2 - SUMMER 2005

By: Allie McDonough

The following poem was written by 101 year old Edgewater resident Allie McDonough:

It was magic all around, magic in every sound,
Sunbeams hiding through the trees,
Changing the colors of the leaves,
Some of them were falling to the ground.

How sweet the sound of the birds’ melodies,
We could hear the flowers talking to the bees.

Happy, laughing people, passing by
And a snow cloud hanging from the sky
To remind us that soon we’d see the snowflakes fly
And the snowbirds kiss the butterflies goodbye…

Oh yes, the winter winds and snow are sure to come,
Leaving toes and fingers numb
But you and I can linger by the fire,
Dreaming as the flames grow higher;

Then we will remember all the splendor of September,
As we watch each flaming ember fade and die.

Yes, we will always remember
That lovely day in September
When the snowbirds kissed the butterflies goodbye…