From the President

Vol. XVI No. 2 - SUMMER 2005

By: Betty Mayian

Hello, well this is my third time writing this “From the President” column. I hope I don’t run out of ideas before my term is up. In this issue, I am going to ask something from the readers (other than reading the whole newsletter, cover to cover). I am asking you to help us run EHS by making written suggestions (email or snail-mail). The ideas can be anything you wish we would supply.

Is it in education? What type of classes should we provide? Should we take our information to the children of Edgewater? We have begun doing this, but we need your great ideas as to what else we should do. There are educators out there who would like to have their students participate in museum programs. Let’s hear from you.

How about more authors and their latest books? These programs are designed to be focused on Edgewater, writers who live in Edgewater, Chicago in general or on specific topics that we could use to help improve your life in the community.

Maybe you would like EHS to provide more entertainment for the family or another party or fund-raiser every year. We have thought of that too. Give us an idea of how to tackle a second fund-raiser or party.

Each year we present a home tour. Members could also suggest a home or neighborhood to include in future tours. Whenever possible, we want the home owners’ names and the street address and phone number for easier contact.

How about our website ( Do you appreciate all it has? Could it be easier to navigate? Would you like more links to other sites?

We want participation, so I am asking you to let us know if you have an idea. You may contact us through the web site or just leave a message on our phone. We are open every weekend and hope to expand our hours to Sundays in the months to come. We are looking for more volunteers for this. Even three hours every other month would be a big help.

The actual operation of the organization depends on volunteerism. For our plans to grow, we rely on getting additional people to help us in various tasks. It may be as simple as showing guests around the museum or helping out when we do our mailings. We call on some to be docents at homes during our “Fall Home Tour” on the third Sunday in September.

Special skills are always welcome. Do you, or someone you know, want to help us write grants proposals? What about joining our collections committee, which catalogs the museum’s donations? We want to have more oral histories done and need people to interview people for our collection of Edgewater memories. There are some of you who may want to be interviewed. Written and/or photographic memories are also gladly accepted. Share your family and neighborhood stories that will become part of the story of Edgewater. Some may be included as articles in our newsletter and website.

I have just listed the many ways you, or a relative or friend, could spend some free time while making new friends in the process. Call, email, snail-mail or come visit us. Ask for a volunteer form.

We had our Summertime Garden picnic on August 21. There was a barbershop quartet from the Chicago Metro Chorus. They came as substitutes for the Sweet Adelines and sang in the garden for a very appreciative audience. Between 50 and 75 people attended. The weather was great and so was the garden. Thanks to all those who volunteered. A Special thanks to John Zakula directing the setup of the tents, Tom Murphy with the grilling of hot dogs and Bob Remer who got everyone to taste the watermelon. Everyone pitched in with the clean up. A special thanks to Steve Simmons for his help and support. For those of you who came and had fun, we loved having you and thank you so much for coming.