Edgewater Teasers

Vol. XVI No. 1 - SPRING 2005

In our previous edition, we began a new feature called Edgewater Teasers. As our first teaser, we offered the following:

(1) A well known movie actor once had a job in Edgewater that he credits with helping him in his career. What was his name and what was his job?

Answer: In an August 8, 1956, Chicago Tribune item, actor Charlton Heston was quoted as saying: “All that I am - or almost all - I owe to the co-op apartment building at 5510 Sheridan Rd. When I was in college, I was the midnight to 8 a.m. elevator operator there. This gave me a good share of the night to read Shakespeare and the Old Testament. I read for voice and diction.” Thus it was that Moses ascended in Edgewater. The 5510 building, also known as the Renaissance, was designed by the firm of E.F. Quinn and R.T. Christiansen in 1927 for the Lake Michigan View Building Corporation. It is the only Edgewater (and perhaps the only Chicago) apartment building that went from co-op to rental to co-op to condo. It is listed on the National Register of Historical Places, as is also the Edgewater Beach Apartments across the street.

New Teaser:

(2) Five Edgewater residents ran for Mayor of the City of Chicago, two successfully. Who were they, when did they run, and where did they live when they made their run?

We will publish the answer in the next issue.