Clark Street Revisited - A Century of Change

Vol. XVI No. 1 - SPRING 2005

The Edgewater Historical Society held its annual fundraising event at the newly remodeled Calo Ristorante on March 23, 2005.

The event featured the delicious appetizers by the Calo chefs and a donation of soft drinks and coffee by Victor LaRecchia the restaurant owner. A special thanks to Calo for creating such an enjoyable atmosphere.

The event was completed with the scrumptious brownies and Debbie Tunney’s carrot cake from Ann Sather’s on Clark St. Thanks, Debbie, it was great!

If you were looking for neighborhood history, there were photos of former merchants on Clark Street like Kurt Mathiasson of Svea and Charles Matteson of the Matteson Ballroom, now the Joel Hall Dance Studio. Also photos of the Gengler Brother Beer Trucks and some past parades on Clark Street. But the real test was the Andersonville Trivia contest which was a tie. Winners were Thom Greene and the team of Paul Dupont and Claire Conley; they both got 15 out of 16 correct.

But most of the excitement was in the Silent Auction which was organized by Sam Fazio and Zora Rolny and sponsored by many merchants and other generous community members. This auction was very successful and we must thank Sam and Zora for all their time and effort.