How Does Our Garden Grow?

Vol. XV No. 1 - SUMMER 2004

The Garden Committee, lead by Sandee Remis with help from Elisabeth Szegho, Marissa Michaels, Betty Mayian and Kathy Gemperle, has been busy planting and weeding. Work began at the beginning of April and, as every gardener knows, the work is endless. The Committee received donations from the Edgewater Glen plant exchange and from Paul Berche, developer of the Edgewater Square homes on Rosehill Drive, with the help of Suzanne Hoffman.

After the graffiti attack on our next door neighbor’s fence and subsequent demise of some plants from the City’s cleaning solution, Betty donated some perennials to plant along the fence. Other additions to the garden are some pieces of terra cotta from a building on North Clark Street that was torn down in April. They will be placed in the garden as the plan develops. Donald Felsecker, Sandee’s dad, donated a refinished bench for the yard. Now the gardeners at least have a spot to sit while making decisions. We still hope to raise the funds to pave the parking area and another section of walkway.

We are getting the garden ready for the August Old-Fashioned Yard party on August 15, from 1-6 p.m. The street next to the museum will be closed to traffic. Join the fun!