Walk Edgewater

Vol. XII No. 2 - SUMMER 2001

By: Kathy Gemperle

This past spring we tried something old and something new. Our usual walking tour features an interesting walk through one of the historic areas of Edgewater with one of our local historians. The new twist was lunch!

On May 6, Al Walavich guided a group of 25 around the Rosehill Cemetery while Kathy Gemperle picked up sandwiches from the Fireside. The lunch was a grand affair with soft drinks provided by Jewel and other food donations by Betty Mayian and Linda Komosa. Carolyn Bischke brought a great “Texas Slaw”. The location was the May Chapel on the grounds of the cemetery. The Rosehill management provided tables and chairs. The group toured for an hour, stopped for lunch and then toured for another hour. We hope to do this again.

On June 9th Kathy Gemperle lead a tour of the Bryn Mawr Historic District. Ten people joined Kathy on the walk down this historic Edgewater street. The group was able to go into the Edgewater Presbyterian Church as they learned how the current building was built as a community center just before the stock market crash in 1929. After a walk down the street the group walked over to Mei Shung on Broadway for lunch.

On June 30th LeRoy Blommaert lead the tour of the Lakewood Balmoral Historic District. While the group toured Ara and Betty Mayian picked up sandwiches from the Fireside. Lori Lynch, Marie Morrissette and Dave Gemperle set up for lunch in the Gemperle’s backyard. Nine people enjoyed the lunch and garden after the walk..

A tour of Andersonville is in the works for October. We are looking for a location for the lunch.