Thirty Years in Edgewater

Vol. XII No. 2 - SUMMER 2001

By: Betty Mayian

Thirty years at the Malibu East, thirty years in Edgewater. Not remarkable for some whose families have been here for generations. But the thirty year anniversary of a group of people living in the Malibu East is remarkable.

In 1971 this group of 32 were among the first to take up residence in a new high rise condominium along the lakeshore at Glenlake and Sheridan.

The building was developed by the Dunbar Company over the protests of many Edgewater leaders. It wasn’t the building per se, or the residents it would bring. It was all about its location along the lake front of Edgewater. This development and the others along Glenlake essentially eliminated the street end beach there and public access to the lake. Despite offers to buy the land to preserve public access the building was built.

During the 1970s as more and more high rises sprung up along Edgewater’s shoreline the community focus turned to saving the few open spaces that remained. One of these at Granville became the expanded Berger Park. Also Lane Park and Ardmore Beach, now Kathy Osterman Beach, became the focus of community activity.

As for the new residents of the Malibu East, they moved to Edgewater and stayed. Some even got involved in their new community and learned about community action and community relations.

On June 3rd the 32 at Malibu East celebrated with other residents in the Windjammer room with its beautiful view of Lake Michigan. Pictures were taken and stories told of moving in the partially finished structure. For awhile only the freight elevators were working; concrete floors in the hallways had yet to be carpeted and there was a sense that this was an adventure, buying a home in the sky. Now they are a part of history.

June 3, 2001, Chicago, IL. Here we are celebrating 30 years in Edgewater. I’m in the front on the far right.

1971 original owners

1971 original owners gather for Malibu East’s 30th anniversary party. Left to right and front to back: Marie Therese Hoffman, Thirza Fussi, Harry Hirsch, Emily Miskell, Edward Duke, Madeline Camiller, Max Fuss (seated) Marika Assim (the oldest resident present) Lilliana Ristic, Dorothy Lipschultz, Erkan Sayrun, Glen Shurtleff, Florence Cohen, Wyman Kurtz, Adeline Kalant, Jo Shurtleff, Doris Russo, Bemie Stemberg, Betty Stemberg, Betty Mayian (EHS Recording Secretary) and Martina Molins. Not pictured but at the celebration were: Mary Churchill, Al Borenstine, Anna Sayun, George Penaherrera, Connie Zacarias, Ardie Sucaldito, Susan and Bill Schroeder, Rene Hirsch, Sandie Rohde and Marcel Molins.