The Edgewater Millennium Project

Vol. XI No. 2 - SPRING 2000

We are waiting hopefully for a better response from our members on this project. We encourage you to have a photo taken in the spring, before the trees leaf out. This project has encouraged a few people to dig into their photos and pull out a few important ones. Special; thanks to: Genevieve German who lived on Catalpa; John and Mary Resch who live on Glenlake and sent in an historic photo of their block; and Edna Gaul for the photos of Wayne and Glenwood dating from 1912, 1946 and 1964. What a treasure that is! There are several who have reported to me that they were having the picture taken but who have not sent it in to Martha Kraeger. Now is the time to look through those boxes and find some of those old photos and see if you can spare any to share with your community.

If you have any questions about your donation please call our voice mail at 773-506-4849 and leave your question and a number where you can be reached. We intend to keep this project going this whole year long in hope that we can have a millennium celebration at the end of the year.