On Collecting

Vol. X No. 1 - WINTER 1999

Recently many members have been asking us, “Just what does the Edgewater Historical Society collect?” Here’s a partial answer:

  • Old photographs of Edgewater these are the most valuable, even if they’re not high quality they can be enhanced.
  • Documents, deeds, letters, advertising and Edgewater newspapers.
  • Photos, objects and souvenirs related to the Edgewater Beach Hotel.
  • Photos, objects, advertising promotions, business cards, match-books from Edgewater business.
  • Postcards of Edgewater.
  • Publications from schools, religious organizations, neighborhood organizations, anniversary books and programs.
  • Pictures, drawings and paintings of places in Edgewater.
  • Representative clothing that is unique in some way.

The Collections Committee meets every other month and spends the time in between looking for possible objects to be added to our collections. If you’re interested in helping out just give us a call on the EHS voice mail (773)506-4849.