"When Edgewater Was Young"

Vol. IX No. 2 - FALL 1998

Composed in 1946 by Ernest J. Samuelson, Jeweler and Optometrist

Started business 5 and 40 years ago,
for many years receipts were rather low.
The place was like a country town.
Its streets were dark when sun went down.
Bryn Mawr too was poorly lit,
with mud and dust to battle with.
The Business section covered a block,
on half of that the chickens would flock.
Then the “L” did not go thru,
it was the railroad engines smoke that flew.
As homes were few and far between,
not many people could be seen.
West of Wayne tomatoes, beets and Carrots grew:
nothing there to stop the farmer’s view.
On Sheridan Road, no house in sight,
to the beach, Ev’rybody had a right.
Now those may have been the good old days,
but returns were small business ways.