From the President

Vol. V No. 2 - FALL/WINTER 1993

By: Kathy Gemperle

Our Fifth Annual Edgewater Home Tour, on September 19, 1993, was the best yet with about 150 attendees. The six homes and two churches on the tour gave one a feel for the early days, 100 years ago, when only about 15 homes had been built in the Lakewood-Balmoral area. All in all, a wonderful time was had by both tourgoers and participants.

Thanks to our hosts and volunteer docents. Special thanks to Pastor Marcus Pomeroy and Florence Force of the North Shore Baptist Church for giving informative tours all day long and providing the starting point for the tour. Thanks also to Pastor Isaacson and Ann Bayse who arranged for the tour directors at Unity Lutheran Church.

No thanks whatsoever are extended to the Uptown Post Office which failed to deliver 500 notices about the Home Tour on time to EHS members and friends in the 60640 zip code. All notices were mailed around August 23. Addressees in the 60660 zip code area received theirs four days later. Folks in 60640, however, did not get theirs until October 15 - nearly four weeks after the event!

If you received your mailing late, please send a letter of complaint to the Director of the Uptown Post Office, 4850 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, with a copy to Alderman Mary Ann Smith, 5453 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640.

Alderman Smith is spending considerable energy on pressuring the Post Office for changes in the Uptown service area, which covers half of Edgewater. She can use all the “ammunition” we can give her. An article by EHS member Sara Overton, entitled “Northsider’s Service Has No Zip,” appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times on December 13, 1993. Clearly the service in 60640 is poor by comparison to other service areas in the city. Please voice your discontent!

The “Civic Conversations: The Idea of Chicago” program on November 13, cosponsored by EHS, NLCC and the Newberry Library, was a success by many standards. A special thank-you to host Bob Remer, guest panelists Ed Marciniak, Enrique Alberto Arias, Rose Wandel, William Settles, Paul Boyd, Juju Lien and moderator Timothy Gilfoyle for sharing their insights into what makes Chicago a great city. The discussion yielded some interesting comments on how a community such as Edgewater can chart a course of balance between diversity and unity.

One important element that seems to be missing is a place for a common meeting ground. Since hundreds of community meetings are held here each year, it is interesting to note the lack of a “town hall,” such as the Guild Hall built by J.L. Cochran in early Edgewater. The only community-operated building we currently have is the North Lakeside Cultural Center, which has both access and parking limitations.

Looking forward in the New Year we will be seeking additional funds for Collections and for an office site. Our search for a low-cost location has not been successful, due in part to our $2000 per year limit on rent, so fundraise we must! Drop us a postcard if you have any ideas for fundraising events.

Have you noticed the TV vans and lights set up on various blocks in Edgewater? All the intermittent activity stems from production of the television serial “Missing Persons” aired on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on Channel 7. The main office scenes are shot at the shuttered Sheridan Road Hospital. Some shooting has also been done at Peirce School. Location scouts are combing Edgewater and other areas of the city for settings suitable for various scripts. If you enjoy seeing Chicago on TV or in the movies, don’t miss this show. You may recognize your very own neighborhood!

Hearty congratulations to EHS charter members John and Martha Kraeger, who recently, and most deservedly, received the “Spirit of Edgewater” award for their selfless devotion to the community. The award was presented by the Edgewater Community Council at their fourth annual Salute Edgewater Dinner on Saturday, November 20, at Loyola University.

Please save Saturday, March 26, on your calendar for EHS’s Annual Meeting. 1994 Board elections will be held at that time. Watch your mail close to the meeting date for a flyer announcing the special program. Hope to see you there!