EHS Celebrates 5 in Style

Vol. V No. 1 - SPRING/SUMMER 1993

By: Renee Anthony, Fundraising

The 1920s-1930s Prohibition Party at NLCC last March 20, celebrating EHS’s fifth anniversary, is an event no one will soon forget. Never, when dress-of-the-period was suggested, did we envision the delightful fashions worn by our party guests! Marion Lettner was stunning in the haute couture she herself wore as young flapper, and Ann Tice was absolutely smashingly attired as an en-Tice-ing cigarette girl.

Everyone was in high spirits for this event and the speakeasy decor, compliments of designer Ann Tice, carried out the theme. Bathtub beer and wine were served by The Boys, a.k.a. Thom Greene and Jim Karelia, from an old metal tub. WANTED posters featuring childhood photos of various EHS members plastered the walls and kept everyone guessing just who the culprits were. Our delicious Italian fest - Abundanza! - was prepared by the chefs at Fireside and donated by owner Rich Wohn, who also donated a dinner for two for the silent auction.

Special thanks to lovely and talented Dale D’Anne who donated her time to provide live entertainment for the evening. And, to the Swedish Bakery who took the time to draw our trolley logo on the sheet cake that they donated for the party, “thanks” isn’t eloquent enough. The cake left everyone open-mouthed and speechless - a rare thing for the EHS.

We are very grateful to the many local Edgewater merchants who helped make our party - which was also a fund-raiser - a huge success with their donations and support. Please remember that we can best return the favor BY SHOPPING WHERE WE LIVE and patronizing the establishments of our benefactors. Many thanks to the following merchants, who have not yet been mentioned, for goods, services and silent auction donations:

  • A Kind Thought Florist - Dried & silk floral arrangement
  • Andie’s Restaurant - Dinner for two
  • Ann Sather’s on Clark St. (D. Tunney) - Dessert items and dinner for two
  • Anna Held Florist (Beth Tarrant) - Kitchen wreath made from knobs of garlic and assorted dried herbs
  • Bylos / Mid-Eastern - Selection of olives
  • Healthy Mind/Healthy Body - Bath items
  • One Touch of Nature (Bud Wyman) - T-shirt and a sweatshirt
  • Ramsey Florist (Rick Flinn) - An elegant hag of potpourri
  • Women and Children First - Signed copy of Gerda Lerner’s new book, The Creation of Feminist Consciousness

We also thank the folks who donated personal memorabilia for the silent auction, including one of Edgewater’s own celebrities, Clayton Moore, who contributed an autographed photograph of “The Lone Ranger.”

There is a special place in our hearts for non-resident friends of Edgewater who do a good deed. To Cindy and the folks at Untouchable Tours - we are grateful. Not only did they donate two tours for two and posters, but they did it on two days’ notice. Wonderful!

The evening was “fun-tastic”… and profitable. Kathy Gemperle and I would like to thank all of the volunteers who took turns setting up, sitting at the door, helping with the food and cleaning up after everyone else “23 skidooed.” A good time was had by all.