Vol. V No. 1 - SPRING/SUMMER 1993

Our deepest sympathy goes to the Mertens/Thiry families on the death of their beloved Mary, a treasured member of EHS. Mary was featured in a front page story in the Edgewater Scrapbook, Fall/Winter 1990, after she and her daughter Joan gave the society a wonderful presentation on how families can capture their own memories to pass on to succeeding generations. She was an inspiration to all of us who were lucky enough to meet her.

Heartfelt condolences are also extended to EHS member John Kraeger, whose mother passed away at the age of 104 last February, to EHS Vice President Martha Kraeger, who lost her 98-year-old mother near the end of August, and to EHS Vice President Mark Harding, whose father passed away in late August.