A Rose... Is a Rose

Vol. IV No. 3 - FALL/WINTER 1992

By: LeRoy Blommaert

A number of Edgewater streets were known by names other than those by which they are known today. Here are a few of them. (The old name is in parenthesis)

  • ARDMORE (Francis St., west of Broadway)
  • BROADWAY (Evanston Ave., changed in 1913)
  • CATALPA (Claremont, east of Clark)
  • DEVON (Church St., west of Clark)
  • FOSTER (North 59th St., changed in 1895)
  • GLENLAKE (Kemper, west of Clark)
  • GRANVILLE (Grand Ave.)
  • GREENVIEW (first Rubens, then Perry St.)
  • GREGORY (Edgewater Terrace)
  • HERMITAGE (north of Bryn Mawr: North Hamilton, Commercial Ave., First St., Meadow Lane)
  • HIGHLAND (Hector Ave., Fisher Ave., Edgewater Place)
  • HOOD (Logan, between Broadway and Glenwood)
  • KENMORE (Goodwin Ave., changed in 1890)
  • LAKEWOOD (Fisher, north of Hood)
  • MAGNOLIA (Charlton, north of Ridge)
  • PAULINA (Second St., in Rosehill area; Forest Ave., north of Ridge; Wright, in W.A.N.T. area)
  • PETERSON (Leeker St. and Segur St., west of Clark)
  • RASCHER (Feinberg between Clark and Glenwood)
  • RAVENSWOOD (Front Street)
  • ROSEMONT (Ernst Ave., between Broadway and Clark)
  • THOME (Webber, west of Clark)
  • THORNDALE (Armin and South Ave., west of Clark)
  • VICTORIA (Victor St., between Broadway and Wayne)
  • WAYNE (Euclid, north of Granville)