Everyone Loves a Parade

Vol. II No. 2 - WINTER 1989

Tumblers, bagpipers, floats, ethnic dancers, the Sheriff’s Mounted Unit and the Great Lakes Navy Band were among the featured attractions in a parade up Lincoln Avenue on a windy Saturday, October 21, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lake View Township’s annexation by Chicago.

The contingent representing EHS - Kathy Gemperle, Sandee Remis, Karen, Robert and Loretta Donnelly - enjoyed the distinction of marching near the front of the parade, directly behind the first band, which certainly put pep in their step.

Dressed as old-time farmers, our reps battled the wind with home-made signs bearing testimony to Edgewater’s historical stance on annexation:


“Vote to Stop Annexation”

“We like our farm, We like our home.
Chicago, Please
Leave Edgewater Alone”

“Keep Edgewater in the
Town of Lake View”

“Edgewater 1889
Part of Lake View Township
58,000 people on 1.5 sq. miles
Look what happened to the
celery farms!”

“Say YES to Celery
NO to Annexation”

“Chicago – Hands Off Edgewater”

“Annexation YES
We Want Development”

“Edgewater voted NO
100 years ago
Much to our dismay
A suburb we would stay
If they had won the day
100 years today.”


Six-month-old Loretta particularly enjoyed her perch atop dad’s shoulders, the distinction of being the youngest “marcher” in the parade and all the applause our cavorting crew garnered along the way.

Sponsors of the parade included the Ravenswood-Lake View Historical Association, Sulzer Regional Library and the Sulzer Family Foundation.